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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Hinckley Duathlon – Impressive showing by SSSMST!

(guest post by Brandy)

pre-race smiles

Sunday was the first multisport race for most of us this season, and it was an absolutely perfect day for racing!  The course is great for a team race, with a 3-mile loop being the course basis: one loop of running, five loops of biking, and finally another loop of running.  All of the boys flew by me on the bike (as early as lap 2!) yelling words of encouragement, and I was able to return the favor while I finished my fifth bike lap and they were running toward the finish.  Of course, another benefit to being one of the slower members of the team is having a great cheering section for my own finish!

I noticed several members of the team wearing medals at the end of the race.  Jenn Davila took the highest prize with 2nd overall in the women’s race – great job Jenn!  Rather than list everyone out, I’ll just add a link to the race results.  Tim Walsh did the biathlon, finishing his second race in two weeks all the while getting ready to run the Flying Pig marathon next weekend. 

My own experience at this race was that it was a great start to the multisport season.  I didn’t wear a watch, so I had no idea how I was doing until I turned for the finish and saw the clock.  I managed to complete the entire course with a smile on my face and I finished just seconds slower than last year (with much suffering through the second run last year, if I recall).  For more pictures from the day, click here!



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