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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Playing catchup!

The normally diligent writing staff have been swamped recently, so the job has fallen to us for the time being.

That said, while SSSMST haven’t been posting very often, their appetite for racing has not diminished. Triathlons, running races, and bike races have all been on the menu over the last few weeks; with the blue and green present and throwing down.

Many of the team were at the Maumee Bay Triathlon recording some solid times and a few PRs, while  taking some AG podiums, and making a couple of dents in the top ten overall. Joe Bush ventured into PA for the Edinboro Tri where he encountered some bad luck, but would bounce back strongly at Maumee. Marty Mason tackled the Columbia Hills Half Marathon recording an impressive AG win as he builds towards his Ironman. Scott Zubricky and Brian Kostura took on the Bay Days 5 mile run. While Leah Halloran, Rob Reddy, and Aussie Rob raced their bikes at the Twin Sizzler (you read that right, Reddy did a bike race!).

Read on for some reports

Joe on his bad luck in Edinboro –

I felt that I was in pretty good shape for this early seaso race, but it was not meant to be.  Swim was cancelled due to bad weather the day before so the race ended up being a time trial start and run at the end.  After a 2 hour wait, the bike started out at a brisk pace until mile 2 where I popped a spoke.  After spending 5 minutes trying to figure out what happened and disengaging my front brake so I could turn the wheel, I continued on.  By the time the bike was over, I pretty much went for a nice tempo run to enjoy the Pennsylvania scenery.  Oh well…on to Maumee.

Mike in Maumee –

Awesome day.  Swim seemed a bit long – I was a minute slower than previous years despite what felt like a good effort.  Side cramp at 1mi mark in the run, almost stopped but ran thru it by Mile 2.5 and finished strong..   Nice Job everyone!

Brandy in Maumee –

This was my first olympic triathlon since 2004.  Back then I tried a couple triathlons, but decided to quit and be a duathlete since I stunk at swimming.  Now, after my second winter of swimming in Reddy’s swim class, I feel much better about swimming and decided to give another olympic race a shot.  In general, my training has gone very well this year, too, so I was ready for all three disciplines.  Much to my happiness, I had a great race.  I stayed with the crowd in the swim (as opposed to 2004 where I was literally 7th to last out of the water — that includes a wave or two behind me!), had a good bike split, and although my run pace was slower than I’d like, it was honestly right-on with my abilities right now.  It was fun to have so many teammates there, and also to cheer for/be cheered for by other teams.  (Cleveland definitely represented well at the race!!)  Also, with so many people knowing of my nervous-ness going into the swim, it was pretty fantastic to have so many happy people to greet me at the finish and congratulate me on a great race.
Stayed afterward with Ryan for a picnic, got some ice cream on the way home, and went out for beers and race talk later back in Lakewood.  A pretty perfect Sunday!

Jen in Maumee –

A good time was had by all! It was great to see so many people and teams there. I’d say we held our own! Looks like several age group places were taken by SSSMSTers. Unfortunately, I just missed 3rd AG by 15 seconds, but it was still a PR for me in the olympic distance. (I didn’t even realize that until filling out this race report!) A couple highlights included Mike, having already finished his race, hanging out in transition yelling to “keep it smooth” and getting a hi-five from Kevin-both of which were helpful on the run. I did stop at Tofts for ice cream after but somehow missed Anne and Krol. Oh and post-race drinks at Lakewood village tavern that evening topped off the day perfectly!

Timmy Smiles in Maumee-

Fun morning! This of course coming from a guy who did the sprint. But certainly one of the most enjoyable race events I can remember: perfect weather, lots of teammates, tons of racers from the Cleve, plenty of cheering from familiar spectators, and did I mention i did the sprint? Not sure why it took me 22 minutes to swim one lap, guess I was really enjoying the water. Congratulations to the huge number of teammates that had great finishes! and to all the Dads on Father’s Day.

Aussie in Maumee-

It felt good to get up early and go race even if i did just drive past Maumee the day before from Detroit. Race day is always fun at races like Maumee where you get to see everyone. Was counting on the wetsuit carrying me through the swim after not being in the water for 9 months, and while it did, my shoulder and back muscles have atrophied! The swim was hard! Got on the bike and picked some guys off, but never got up to the leaders of the race. Managed to go off course at the end though….doh. That cost me about 45 seconds. Run was as expected….painful. But got back one of the places i lost when i went off course on the bike.

Finished and was glad to be done. Happy to have won my AG and crack the top 10.

Joe Bush and his redemption at Maumee –

Felt really good for this race and the team was fairly well represented.  Weather ended up being warm, but not too bad.  Swim went well as usual in the protected bay.  Bike was flat but kind of windy with a disc.  Slower than I would have liked as Ken Hagan and Krol passed me, knowing that I couldn’t outrun them.  Run was faster than expected and it helped having Krol within 30 seconds in front of me the whole time.  Finally feeling like I’m getting back my pre-2005 run speed.  Overall a good race.

Leah at the Twin Sizzler –

We got up way too early on a holiday and headed down to Medina for the annual Twin Sizzler.  For some reason, I really like this race.  Luckily, there were enough women this year that we didn’t have to join the men’s race!  The race went like this………we started…….we stayed together for 9 miles……then there were 5…….then there were 3………then there were 2……then we finished.  Once there were two of us left, I know I was going to get second.  Jane (who got first) is so strong, that I don’t stand a chance.  So, if I pretend she wasn’t there, I got first!  Hats off to Aussie who won his race and to Rob who showed up on a road bike!

Brian.K at Bay Days  –

First time doing this race, so I guess I PR’d!  I was pretty happy with my pace, dispite the hot weather, but totally spent myself for the run home afterwards…oops!  It was nice seeing Jen out there cheering everyone on, as well as Scott and Durno showing everyone that old men can run really fast!  Haha!


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