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Run, baby run!

As we speed toward the end-of-year holidays and are now out of multisports for a couple months, various SSSMST’ers have been taking in some late season running races – some road, but a lot more off – leading up to the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot races around the area.  Let’s look in on what’s been goin’ on…..

Brian Kostura ran the Bay Village Heritage 5k (with baby jogger dragging him around): This was a fun local 5k that a friend of mine brought to my attention. I ended up doing this on a whim with Carolynn, which made it her 6th and fastest race of the season! Despite the unfavorable weather, it was a nice turnout, and the ‘goodie bag’ was well worth the effort. I may have to make this a regular part of my race/training circuit.

A number of us ran at the Run With Scissors Half & Full Marathon, a trail race down at the Hinckley Metropark.

Patrick K taking on one of the grueling hills

Patrick K taking on one of the grueling hills

Patrick K: Somehow I thought it would be smart to sign up for a trail marathon after training for a fall half marathon. I love the trails, but never have done a longer trail race. We had a nice group from SSSMST running and as support crew. It was great to run with Henely, Rood and Marty for most of the marathon. Schaefer joined us for the second lap, great team support from Murphy, Jeanne, Krol, Callahans, Erin and the boys. Jen P had a solid race too. Overall amazing weather for a race this late in the fall. The trails were great. I was in shape for 20-22 miles, the last 4 were rough, my gut wasn’t very happy with all the nutrition. Happy to finish under 4 hours for all the hills we encountered. Great to be out there amongst friends and family.

Jen P: I signed up with Run with Scissors to get back to running regularly and after being there last year on a beautiful fall day. Fortunately the weather repeated itself. Unfortunately my training wasn’t quite as consistent or as much volume as I would have liked. However I knew dropping to the half would be “too easy” and I felt I needed to prove to myself I could do it. I’m glad I did! I have to say for being out on the trails for almost 5hrs it didn’t seem that long. I would try to focus on getting aid station to aid station. The first loop (first 13.1) of the course I didn’t do much other than refill my handheld water bottle at the aid stations. On the second loop I need more nutrition and enjoyed pepsi and grilled cheese…wow it totally hit the spot and tasted so good! Might be another reason to get into ultras/trail running! By mile 19 things were starting to hurt, as I told Mark and Jeanne who were awesome to see out on the course. And, after telling them that that made sure to see me at a couple other spots the last miles before the finish which did help! Kudos to Mark, my fiancé 🙂 for getting up super early and spending the day out there too. I definitely appreciated the support. Shocking to see Sunday evening that I was 3rd female. Hmmm maybe if I got into better shape I could really do well! It was also good to see several teammates and the guys killed that course! It was definitely not an easy course but beautiful. I would recommend considering this race! Congrats to all and thank you to all who came out to support!

Who else? Henely with Schaefer in tow on Harter Hill, about to hit one of the unsanctioned "aid" stations.

Who else? Henely with Schaefer in tow on Harter Hill, about to hit one of the unsanctioned “aid” stations.

Mike Schaefer: Lots of green and blue at this race today! Congrats to Nicole Henely, Aaron Henely 3rd OA (full marathon) and Aaron Rood PK, Martin Mason, and Jennifer Petkovsek all top-ten. I only ran the half (5th OA) but loved every minute, especially cheers from Kevin Krol, Anne Callahan Mark Murphy, Jeanne DeBonis and Erin K!
This was my longest run (ever) considering the trail running format. What an awesome day and post race day-drinking time! This (and next weeks Red Flannel ride mark the end of my “off season” and will start easing into Rollerskiing and weight lifting to prepare for the winter! I won’t forget this beautiful run though- I will definitely be back!

Then Jen and Murphy were down at Salt Fork for the Trail Challenge…

Jen: I had done this race in 2011 and 2012…guess a year off made me forget how hard this race is! Although it was an early start to make the 2+ hour drive down to Salt Fork I was looking forward to some trail running. The car read 24 degrees but the sun was shining and no snow on the ground. The park is just gorgeous. As a friend commented when we do this race we say we need to return in the spring/summer when things are green and leaves on the trees rather than all the leaves on the ground-which I was glad the RD gave us the heads up about there being lots of leaf cover and to be careful as that was absolutely the case. I have done this race with so much mud it was amazing no one lost a shoe but due to the recent colder than average temps most of the ground was frozen except for some mud pits created by the horses that used the trail prior. Being that I ran the Run with Scissors marathon 2 weeks prior I kept telling myself this was “only” 10.4 miles…however there is the same amount of elevation in this “only 10.4” miles as there was during the whole RWS marathon! I’m very happy to say that while I still feel like I am not in great shape I achieved my best time on this course and earned an AG spot well within the top 10 also! And proud of my fiancé and teammate Mark who ran well on a tough course with not a lot of run training under his belt-yet!

Murph: Great race, but hard as heck. A lot of ups and downs with questionable footing as trail heavily covered with leaves that concealed roots and rocks. I have to say thought about ditching this thing early but glad I didn’t as it was a beautiful day and they second half of the race seemed much better than the first half, not too sure why other than the trail/course got easier. Some awesome SWAG in the form of a really sweet “Built Salt Fork Tough” hoodie. I am thinking this may be on the race calendar for 2015. Hope to see some more blue green out there next year.

Then Jen and Muprhy ran the LCCC Penton Memorial Turkey Trot!

Murph: An annual Thanksgiving ritual, the LCCC is the cross-country Turkey Trot. And as always it lived up to it’s billing. There was snow, cold and mud. Great to see my teammates out there and see SSSMST cleaned up on awards, two AG wins, two AG Seconds and an AG Third. A fantastic way to start and celebrate Thanksgiving and a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am to be a part of such an incredible group of people – my teammates, their families and our sponsors. Thank you all!

Jen: Always a great way to start Thanksgiving day-running hard through mud and snow in cold, windy conditions! Seriously, love driving less than 10 minutes, paying 10 bucks, seeing friends new and old, and getting a good run in before enjoying the rest of Thanksgiving day. Pleasantly surprised how the run went and I placed but it’s more about getting out, running, and socializing at this event! Definitely recommend it!

And wrapping up the reports for now, Kostura was downtown for the road version of the Turkey Trot (report forthcoming)….

Great job everyone!!

And just a reminder to all that a benefit 5k run near and dear to us will again be taking place on January 1st, 2015 in Berea, OH – the Peanuts for PNET 5k Resolution Run!  (http://www.resolutionrun5k.org/)

The 2014 Resolution Run photo op!

The 2014 Resolution Run photo op!

Great little 5k course through the fair city of Berea, for a great charity benefiting children with various forms of brain cancer.  Hope to see you all there!




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