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New Year’s Resolutions

This time of year is still somewhat quiet as far as racing goes.  Unless you’re one of two factions – the die-hard, gotta-run-on-New-Year’s-Day or  the cross country skier.  Well we have both.  First we backtrack to January 1, 2015 to Berea, OH and the Resolution Run 5k.  It’s a benefit for Peanuts for PNET – a non-profit to benefit children and their families in Cuyahoga County with PNET brain cancer, which has been near and dear to our team for a couple of years now.  As for racing…..it was cold.  Really cold. And windy.  Let’s hear from a few peeps:

Jen P: Great way to start the New Year….good run, great cause, and even better people!

Brian Kostura: This race is a nice start to the year, a good excuse to get together with everyone, and all for a good cause. Mother Nature blessed us with a little less snow than last year, but made up for it through the wind chill. The race was well run and generously catered. Thanks to everyone who was involved in putting this together.

Patrick Kolozvary: A big THANK YOU to the team, Second Sole and everyone that supported this race! A nice turn out on a very cold & windy New Years Day. This was a big day for us, since we have come a long way over the past year. We appreciate all the support and prayers over the past year. I am glad that Jeff & the Peanuts for PNET organization was able to pay it forward to another family that unfortunately has a child fighting a brain tumor this year.
Early rumor is that the race may be on January 2nd (Saturday)next year – put it on the calendar!

We also had a few runners take to some trails in January at the Dirty Snowflake 4-miler in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

Jen P (again!): Woke up race morning and it was -3 degrees! I think by race time, which was 10am which was awesome btw, I think it was 1 or 2…probably the coldest race I’ve done. However the sun was shining and as usual these days I heated up quickly running hard and took off the buff I wore wishing I hadn’t worn 3 layers up top but at least it was only 4 miles…on the trails though it seems longer but it was a fun morning with some hard running on beautiful trails in Peninsula.

Kostura (again!): …IT WAS COLD!
In other news, this was my first organized trail run, and I’m hooked. Completely different experience from road racing, which made predicting my time quite a challenge. A friend of mine brought the race to my attention, and I jumped in before looking at the morning’s weather report. Ha. Despite the cold, I did feel warm enough throughout the race.
Nice to see veteran (experience not age) trail runners/teammates Mark and Jen out on the course paving the way. The event was very well organized and a lot of fun. I definitely see more trail running in my future.

Great job everyone on kicking off the new year!!!



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