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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results from a hot weekend!

Three SSSMST athletes raced this weekend.  Jim Lamastra and Brandy Smith did the Deer Creek triathlon, and Rob Reddy did the Clay’s Park Sprint in N. Lawrence, OH.

Jim had a rough day, but stuck it out because he’s not a quitter.  Brandy did very well, although we’re not sure how well since her name isn’t in the official results yet.  We’ve got our best man on that one.  Rob won his age group and placed 4th overall, continuing a fantastic season.

Quick shout-out:  Jim and Brandy were joined by would-be SSSMSTers Ben and Jackie Kramer, who were in town from their new home in Colorado.  Ben, it seems, has been putting his time out there to good use, and came in 8th overall in a stacked field.  Nice work, dude.


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