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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Lauren Trocchio Wins Peaks to Portland Open Water Swim

From the sports page of the Maine Sunday Herald...

From the sports page of the Maine Sunday Herald...

Swimming with a heavily taped ankle from a sprain last week, Lauren Trocchio won Portland’s largest open-water swim event, a 2.4 mile trek that took place in brisk winds. She emerged as the fastest woman in the event, and 13th overall, at 48:42! A swim like that would be a nice start to her assault on Ironman Florida in a few months. Lauren wrote a quick summary of the event…

Yesterday morning I swam in the 2.4 mile Peaks to Portland open water swim. The swim was the 27th annual event that ran from Peaks Island (an outer island off the coast of Portland) to the Eastern Promenade in downtown Portland. 159 swimmers started the event. First timers were required to use a kayak and Luke did the kayaking for me. The water was mid-60’s and choppy with an ebb headed out of the port and an eastern wind stirring it up. The course literally had no buoys marking it (with the exception of lobster pots which we had to swim through!!) I’m still swimming with a taped ankle but it’s slowly getting better. I’m not sure the breakdown of males/females but I managed to pull out a first place female finish in 48:42 and 13th overall men and women. I even managed my first sports section cover page picture for the Maine Sunday Telegram…a crowning achievement:) I think this is my fastest 2.4 mile swim EVER. The logistics were the most challenging of the race…the kayakers were required to have certain gear and safety devices and we had to take a ferry out to the island. It was nice to be back into the open water swimming world, though! Next time I do 2.4 miles I’ll have to get out and do 138.2 more miles!


5 Responses

  1. Absolutely AWESOME! You have to be on top of the world.
    I’m trying hard to improve my swimming so I am blow away with the SSSMT website headline(with killer photo of you exiting the water)
    I hope the rest of you training is going according to plan.

    Marty Mason

  2. way to go!!!! GREAT PIC


  3. I thought Lauren’s obvious joy in winning the race was so obvious and so typical of many open water swimming finishers that I wanted to share this great photo by the open water swimming community at http://www.10Kswimmer.com. I hope that I correcty credited you and the Maine Sunday Herald. Thank you very much for sharing.

  4. LT,
    Greatwork, looks like spending a little time in my lane over the years has paid off!

  5. Wow, thanks everyone:) It was nice to rejoin th realm of swimmers again…but never fear, I haven’t forgotten my multisport friends. And yes, I must credit this success to one Bruce MacDonald…his constant, errr semi-constant presence in the pool helped mold my training. Thanks for all your words of encouragement!!

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