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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Catch-up week! Post 1 of 4: Findley Lake!

Mike Schaefer with his first first!

Mike Schaefer with his first first!

Annie Callahan, Paul Lentini, and Mike Schaefer were at the Findley Lake Triathlon on August 2nd– and Mike walked away with a win for SSSMST! Paul and Annie both took first place in their age groups, too.

The Findley Lake Triathlon is noteable for the off-road run leg, which everyone said was a nice, shady course that made the race lots of fun. There is another event at the same location later this year… check the SSSMST Calendar for all the races!

After the race, Anne said,

“It was a great course– hilly, different.  I loved the trail run!”

Mike wrote a slightly more verbose version, too:

MY FIRST WIN!! As usual, A very nice flat-water swim, with plenty of algae..  Bike had one section with loose stone and 4 RR crossings (not easy) but the Trail run was awesome – a few really challenging ravines and some winding single-track but never a dull moment, and 98% in the cool shade.. I LOVED IT, especially once I realized I could cruise in and still win.  Will be a hard decision to come here again on Sept 6th or do Portage Lakes.


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  1. Way to go Mikie……

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