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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Spin Cup 09, Race 2: Beast of Bedford

Bedford Gorge

We learned a few things yesterday night on the rolling hills of the Bedford Reservation:

1) Leaves are coming out– that must be a good sign–
2) But it is not summer yet.
3) Jason Halloran can really go uphill.
4) Dave Steiner can really go everywhere else.
5) Leah Halloran knows how to suffer with the best of ’em.

Last night was the second race of the 09 Spin Cup, that coveted prize awarded to only the most courageous and valiant of Cleveland’s two-wheeled warriors.

(Or, at least, the one who shows up to the most events.)

Results (and video!) follow.

The second Beast of Bedford truly lived up to its name– it was cold, windy, and brutally hard. The course never allows for any rhythm at all, forcing constant gear changes and leg-searing charges out of the saddle to maintain speed over the numerous little rollers. Dave Steiner took top honors, with his full-aero, full-face beard. Congrats, Dave– you’re an animal.

We had points on the line for a KOM to the top of the Bedford Ridge, Heaviest Bike, and Finish time. Mike Schaeffer gets a bonus 3 Spin Cup points for riding the heaviest bike!

Top KOM Results:
Jason Halloran- 3:34, (3 Spin Cup points)
Dave Steiner- 3:42, (2)
Mike Schaeffer- 3:50, (1)

Finish Time
Steiner- 18:18 (20 Spin Cup Points, plus 2)
Jason- 19:07 (19, plus 3)
Tom H- 19:19 (18)
Mike- 19:43 (17, plus 1, plus 3)
Andy- 19:48 (16)
Joe Bush- 21:34 (15)
Leah- 22:11 (14)

Overall Spin Cup Standings

Total Rays Bedford
Jason 39 17 3 19
Andy 34 18 16
Steiner 22 2 20
Mike 21 4 17
Jackson 20 20
Little Ray 19 19
Tom H. 18 18
Brad 16 16
Bush 15 15
Outback Rob 15 15
Leah 14 14
Derek Wolford 14 14
Cristina 13 13
Rood 12 12
Bruce Mac 11 11

Only two women have competed so far, and it’s a tight race in that category: Leah with 14, and Cristina with 13.

HUGE thanks to Plank and John and Mary Davis for helping out. Plank looked so cute in his little jacket and plaid pants.

And, finally, ESPN’s report on the Beast:


5 Responses

  1. Nice job guys, no one was smiling in the video….that’s good, right? 😉

  2. Last year’s times, for reference:

    Ray Huang: 17:14
    Thom Dominic: 18:03
    Zak: 18:29
    Tom H: 18:46
    Brad: 18:48 (ouch!)
    Bush: 20:02

    The course was identical!

  3. Wow, they were fast last year! It was a really tough TT – but I had a blast! It would be interesting to see what our times are like in the middle of the summer – should we run it again in July or August??

  4. I had t miss it on Monday. I would love to do it again!! Thanks for putting on fun events like this!!

  5. sorry i missed it. i am totally soaking up all the high altitude training that will be required to deliver a beating next time.

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