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Race Reports from the past little while…


Tim Walsh and crew, in Nashville.

The team has been busier that we look…  here is a collection of race results and reports from the past few weeks, including Rob Reddy at the New Orleans 70.3, Tim Walsh at the Nashville Country Music Marathon, Jim Lamastra at Boston, Brian Stern at Duathlon Nationals, and a few local races too!  Don’t miss Rob’s.  We’ve advised him to see a professional.

Rob Reddy, New Orleans 70.3:

So, well ya, like I got up real early and got on a plane to NOLA. And I’m tired and all but I swear there was a PIRATE sitting next to me. So I figured I should just go to sleep and everything would “be ok”. But when I woke up there was this PIRATE sitting next me me. I asked him if he would take a picture with me, but the PIRATE said no. A-hole.

So then I got to NOLA and fund out I had made my hotel reservation for the day before. And since I was chillin in Cleve the day before I never showed up to the hotel. So since there were all these PIRATES in NOLA they gave my room to one of them. I said to the reservationist – “what gives – there PIRATES – they don’t need hotel rooms – they sleep on ships and hamocks”. The reservationist said too bad for me “you aint got no room”. A-hole.

But then like I start callin a bunch of other hotels. And pretty much they all say the same thing – “sorry dude – but the PIRATES booked ALL the rooms”. Again with the PIRATES in the hotels – I mean what gives – guess 21st century PIRATES are just a bunch of sissies. Finally I found a place with a room. Non A-hole.

So then I hung tight in NOLA for a couple days. Some times it was fun – like when I was chowing on some good cajun in Jackson Square – but some times it was a DRAG like when I had to hoof it all over the world to take my bike to transition and then go about 10000 miles back to the host hotel, then traverse a million miles to see a bike mechanic. But the time passed.

I did hang out at the pool – and again with the PIRATES – even saw some PIRATE CHICKS – let me just tell you one thing – PIRATES in bathing suites = NOT PRETTY.

After the race I went out for a while – and all the PIRATES were out. It was getting a bit later in the night – so at this point they were actin kinda like REAL PIRATES – all drunk and stuff. They were way loud and kinda sorta lamely tryin to pillage stuff – but doin a bad job of it an all. And you know what??? I saw NO rape’in of any kind what so ever – no sword fights – no peg legs – and i REALLY think the eye patches were fakes. What a bunch of lame PIRATES – and again I asked a group of them if I could have my picture taken with them – they said NO. A-holes.

Then I went to bed tired. Got up real early and like went to the airport and flew back to Cleve. It was snowing when I got home and that sucked. That’s my story. The end.

Oh ya – I did a race when not scopein the PIRATES. It went like this…….. Got in the lake – started to swim. Ripped my wet suit and had to take it off. Swam slow. Got on my bike and rode a long way. The winds were blowin hard in my face the last 30 miles and my back hurt. Biked slow. Got off my bike and ran for what seemed like forever. It got hot and the A-hole race director ran out of water and gatoraid by the 6 mile mark. UGH!!! Ran slow. Finished – I was slow – but happy cause I saw a PIRATE and she waved to me.

Tim Walsh, Country Music Marathon:

NOTE: I promise, you don’t have to be a country music fan to enjoy this race or this town! I drove down with my brother-in-law, my college rommate, and long-time CTC member Chris Harris on Friday for this Saturday race. The 9 hour drive was well worth it!

The race was heavily geared toward the 1/2 marathon with 23,000 finishers versus 4,000 for the full. The course was very honest, made up of lots of gradual inclines, but rewarding runners with a sweet 1 mile descent for a fast finish! Our crew delivered one sub-4hr rookie marathoner, congrats Jimmy, and three 1/2 marathon finishers.

Whether the 1/2-runners blame undertraining, injury, 75 degree running temps, or saving a little for the town, it doesn’t matter; because we did it right. Immediately post race, it was band after band after bar after bar. Needless to say, the 1/2 marathon runners dropped the full marathoner early in the afternoon, sending him and his extra 13.1 miles back to the hotel for a nap, as we rocked on.

While technically this was just a road race, in reality it required some real multi-sport savvy. In the end i would strongly recommend this race to all multi-sporter’s and all music fans!

Brian Stern, Duathlon Nationals:

Hot Humid and got my butt kicked, Duathlon is hard. I’ll stick with Triathlons.

Jim Lamastra, Boston Marathon:

The day did not go as planned but as usual, this is about my favorite race on the calendar. Crowds are insane and the pre/post-race vibe is like nothing else I’ve been a part of. Cannot wait until next year.

Andrea Lamastra, City2City 5k for Providence House (She got 3rd overall… with a stroller)

Luca did his first running race with me!!! He laughed and babbled the whole time and made me smile instead of cry as we navigated over the Superior bridge. It was a beautiful morning and it was for a really good cause. hopefully we can get a big group to run next year. Timmy Smiley Walsh also raced and helped cheer us on as we came to the finish line.


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