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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Last weekend’s results– Portage Lakes, Vulture’s Knob, and the River Run

The weather is getting cooler but there’s still a lot of racing going on!  Race reports galore!

Last weekend marked the beginning of cyclocross, with Leah Halloran winning the women’s race, accompanied by Nacho, Scott, and me.  Wendy Park was a great course and a lot of fun.

Paul, Mike, and Marty all went down to Portage Lakes for the final HFP race of the year, where Paul won his division (and the series championship!), Marty won his division (and placed 5th overall), and Mike was third in his division (and set a PR)– all in a race with more than 350 entrants.  All of these doods have race reports below.  Let me just say that I will be thrilled if I’m half the bad-ass that Marty is when I get…  you know…  to race masters.

Bruce had a bit of a busy weekend, burning the candle at both ends as usual.  He spaced a MTB race and a half marathon with 5 hours of sleep and a few beers.  Just… wow.

Click through to read everyone’s report!

From Marty:

I haven’t raced at Portage Lakes in quite a few years. The last time I was there, Darryl Kollai and I got lost during the bike portion. Another time, I got a speeding ticket on the way there. Yesterday was much more pleasant. Pre-race was quite chilly(50F) but the swim went well. Nice rolling hills on the bike. Didn’t get lost this time! I ran from the back with the “old guy” wave start. A real confidence builder to pass people; however, the Elite Master guys where whom I was hunting and they knew it. I won’t say how it ended. I may jinx myself. It was a good day.

From Paul:

This was the last race of the HFP Wheelie Fun Series and the series championship. I had three first places in the XL2 division and scored another on Sunday. All of which means that I am the series champion for the 2009 Wheelie Fun XL2 division.

From Mike:

Great turnout (360+ people) in the sprint! Swim seemed long, bike legs were kinda weak (my worst overall split in HFP races ever at 15th) but was being conservative and hills were tough. Got passed by a few guys on road bikes and made me think the road bike may be better next time on this course.. I surprisingly found some good legs in the run, even though I’ve really only run 3 times since Vermillion crash 4weeks ago! Rest is a great thing, I guess and it was so sweet to pass 3 guys in the last 500m! Overall >2min faster than lsat time on same course 2yrs ago, so can’t complain! It was a nice way to end my Tri season! Now time to start rollerskiing (or maybe some ‘cross for a change!)

From Bruce on his whole weekend:

Fun Weekend..startedout riding with Jackson down to Vultures knob. I’ve done a few xterra’s, and this was my second mtb race. Let’s just say this course isn’t for beginners. It was prety technical, lots of rocks, roots, little skinny bridges with a huge price for failure. Started off ok, then noticed something poking me in the ass every time my rear suspension went down. Looked and saw a big stick stuck in my frame. Couldn’t pull it out, so i broke off some pieces to avoid the prodding. Paid the price on the first big climb, as I could not shift my front chainring. Almost went over the bars about 8 times.

Was jabbed in the eye by a fellow racer that was trying to “help” me after I t-boned hm on a hill. The good side…a big chipotle burrito and miller high life at the finish. It was an evening race, so didn’t get back to Cleveland til around 9. Stopped by Lamastra’s for another beer, got home, went to bed around 12. Legs still killing. Alarm went off at 5:45 to make my way to catch the bus for the start of the half marathon.

Legs were killing the entire way. Ran with rood, Lamastra, Krol, and Frank Pattison ’till about mile 10, then they dropped me. Jim and Frank chatted the with the entire race, offended female racers, and Krol won a bet with Frank that if Frank took off running at mile 10, it wasn’t in Jim’s DNA and keep to his training run pace. It worked, of course. Was about 3 minutes off of last years time. Felt a lot worse. Rood gets the teammate of the day award for having a cooler of beer stashed in his truck at the finish.


7 Responses

  1. Marty-

    Nice job on beating Durno by a second. Although in his defense he had just race Alan’s Elite the day before.

  2. Great reace Marty….Congrat’s on series champ Paul…That caps off one heck of a tri-season MIke…Bruce I thought you were married with children; husbands/dads can’t normally hang like that, nicely done!

  3. Yeah, I know about Durno’s escapades the day before. That’s how he likes to roll.

  4. Heh, outstanding reports guys. Fun reading them.

    Don’t feel bad Marty, i beat Durno at Maumee by 13 seconds until i found out he did this stupid adventure race the day before and slept on the ground. That guy just likes to throw down and race….one of my favourite people.

    Nice one Paulie, good htfu Bruce. Solid post-crash race Mike – those new tires will help you find revenge.

  5. sweeeet all around – way to go marty – bruce nice, think paul needs to be referred to a Mr Wheeelie for the next year

  6. Nice job everyone!!! wow.

    too bad I started my long run last sunday so late… was good to see some of you post-river run but disappointing that I had to keep running instead of enjoying the post-run beers.

  7. Way to fly the team colors and rock the courses. Looking forward to a fall gathering to drink some adult beverages. When does Rood not have a full cooler of road pops after a race?

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