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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Brian Stern’s Big Weekend

steelhead finishBrian Stern trekked out to the USAT Long Course National Championship in Oklahoma last weekend, and met some terrible weather. Knowing (of course!) how nice it was in Cleveland, he scooted back home for another race the next day! Read below for the full report– it’s an incredible weekend of great racing.

But, everyone has to race in the same weather, so once he got down to business, he put the hammer down and left it there– setting a PR of 4:30 to finish 3rd in his 40-44 age group and 17th overall.

Amazingly, he then scrambled to the airport for a flight home so as not to miss the Border War Triathlon, where he finished 2nd overall. Congrats to Kevin Park for the win– way to represent the O-HI-OH, boys!

Here’s Stern’s full report:

Two Races -one weekend – Tri season finish

Sept 19th Oklahoma City USAT Long Course National Championships (Half Iron).

The day starts with a downpour as we enter transition and continues until four miles into the run. Oklahoma City has had rain the entire week leading to the race and has standing water everywhere. The race director gives word that we will delay the start due to an impassable road on the bike course. Word finally comes that a mandatory bike dismount will be at mile six for a road – river crossing. The race starts with some large waves one for under 39 and the other for older only three minutes apart. We catch the back group of youngsters and it gets congested into T1. I had a decent swim with lots of pushing for position at the beginning. We exit on the bike and head out, cross the water [I would love to see pictures of this!  -ed.] and continue. My legs are a bit tired but nothing out of the ordinary.

T2 and out on the two loop run course. I throw down a couple of hard miles (5:47, 5:48) to catch as many old guys as possible. I quickly settle in to sane pace for the first loop and continue to reel in my age group competition. Lap one averages 6:09 pace and I attempt to continue with this until my legs start to cramp. Miles 10-11 are at a seven minute pace as my body starts to shut down. I spot and catch another guy in my division and run off his shoulder for about 200 meters before dropping the remaining power to run away to the finish (1:23:16 run time). I look back at the last turn and he is nowhere to be seen. I cross the line totally wiped out and think that this was the toughest Half Iron I have done.

I finish 3rd in the nation for 40-44 age group, 17th overall (out of 548), and PR by a minute and twenty seconds with a 4:30:46 in less than ideal conditions. Then: shower, run back to transition, collect my bike, repack it into the box, and hurry to catch a 5 pm flight to Cleveland. Unpack and clean bike and close my eyes for four hours….

Sept 20th Geneva Ohio Champ Racing Ohio PA border war Triathlon

Wake at five and head out to Geneva to race the final race for Champ Racing Tri series. Tired and cold ( 47 F at start ) I toe the line and suffer for about an hour to finish second overall to Kevin Park. I win the overall series and head home for some couch time. 2009 Triathlon is officially over! I finished with a bang and can not wait until next year (after a period of down time and maybe a visit to the psychiatrist).


6 Responses

  1. nice job brian – makes me glad i’m ageing up in 2010 ;]

  2. Nice way to finish a pretty damn good year mate. Solid.

  3. Man Brian, I read that and it dawns on me that I go pretty easy on myself. Way to raise the bar…and congrats!

  4. Nice work bro. I’d like to think I’m responsible, if only a tiny bit, for some of the great success you had this year. Can’t wait for 2010.

    • I think that training with Kevin Park, joining the winter spin classes at Five Seasons, and the Wed night rides on Tri bikes with the Second Sole group all played a big part in my successful year in racing. I want to thank everyone for being such Tri- Athletes. I look forward to next years training and racing.

  5. Good job Brian! See you on my rollers in a few months.

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