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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Reader Mailbag: Five Seasons Spinning Classes for 2010

Happy New Year!  I got an email from Anna Frick, who raises several astute points.  I thought I’d respond to them for everyone to see…

“Hey, Andy.  I hope you had a great christmas/hanukkah/new year and are easing back into the work grind.  Quick question — are you guys having a spin class this week?  I thought I read a long time ago that there were going to be classes after the new year, but I just checked the sssmst website and it seems like I was wrong.  am I going to actually have to motivate my a– on my own?  uh oh. =)”

…and she even included a smiley face at the end, which was thoughtful considering the undertone of the message, which was:

“Will you please let us know what the heck is going on with the spinning classes?!”

Ahem.  Yes, I will.

READ ON, for answers to Anna’s Astute Points, AND the officially official announcement of the Spring 2010 Trainer Series…

But first, Anna’s letter. I did have a very swell Christmas, Hanukkah, AND New Year, thank you.  I am not easing back in the work grind at all, though.  That was Anna’s Astute Point #1: Play time is over.  Get back to work.

Fair enough.  To answer her quick question– no.  We are not having a spin class this week.  However, we ARE having one next week.  And every week after that until April 1st.  Even on Valentines Day, which is on a Thursday this year.  We’ll hold a special couples class*.  Anna’s Astute Point #2:  No one knows what’s going on with the spinning classes.  See Anna’s Astute Point #3.

(* We totally won’t do that.)

The next part of her email deals with things like “read a long time ago” and “checked the sssmst website.”  OK, about that…. I’m sorry to say that the Spin-Second Sole Multisport Team’s entire Communication Department was summarily fired last month– the whole lot of them were eating too much, drinking too much, and training too seldom.  They even plunged in to Lake Erie during a snowstorm– a sure sign of mental imbalance.  And therefore, they got shown the door.  It wasn’t pretty.  And that’s why there’s been no updates.  I’m sorry, but I’ve– I mean, the SSSMST Communication Department– has been really lazy. Anna’s Astute Point #3:  You should let people know what’s going on with the spinning classes.

Finally, she mentions “motivating your ass on your own.”  Always a tricky business this time of year.  I wish I could help, but I’ve no idea how it’s done–  good luck.  Anna’s Astute Point #4:  There’s no way to get a better spinning workout than with us on Thursday nights!

And so, officially official:

Spin – Second Sole Multisport Team announces the continuation of the Indoor Trainer Series hosted by Five Seasons

(note time change).

five seasons small logoWhat: Spin-Second Sole Indoor Trainer Series
Where: Five Seasons Sports Club, Westlake: (map)
When: 7:30-9:30, Thursday nights, starting January 14th. Arrive in plenty of time to set up!
Who’s invited? Everyone!
Why come? The classes are led by experienced cyclists and triathletes, and will focus on building endurance and power for triathlon and road riding. But, anyone looking for a great long cardio workout is encouraged to attend!

Plus, everyone gets a free beer– yes, free beer– in the Five Seasons Cafe at the end of the class. Come join other local athletes for some post-workout socializing.

WHAT: Indoor trainer classes. Please bring your bike and a stationary trainer. (If you cannot, you may be able to use a spin bike on location, but this is not guaranteed— although there are many of them, the spinning bikes are first-come-first served, and Five Seasons members always have priority.)

WHEN: Thursday nights, 7:30-9:30pm, starting on January 14th and ending on April 1st. Classes begin promptly at 7:30—please arrive early to set up. We cannot allow anyone to join the class after it has begun.

WHERE: Five Seasons Sports Club, Westlake OH (28105 Clemens Rd., Westlake OH 44145)

Five Seasons Members: Always free
Cleveland Triathlon Club: $7 per class or $70 for all twelve classes.
Everyone Else: Still only $10 per class, or $100 for all twelve classes.

With the entry fee you’ll get some towels to use during the class, have access to the locker room, and the Five Seasons bar and café. Join other area athletes for some post-ride relaxing and socializing.

BONUS! Also receive one free beer per class, courtesy of Five Seasons!

CONTACT: spin.secondsole at gmail.com

How do I sign up for the series?
— Just show up on the first night and we’ll take care of it then.  The first night is sometimes a little hectic…  consider leaving an extra few minutes.

I don’t have a stationary trainer… can I still attend?
— Yes. There’s a strong chance there will be enough spinning bikes available (we’ve never run out of them).  HOWEVER, the spinning bikes are first-come-first-served, and Five Seasons members will always have priority.

I’ve never done a class like this… what can I expect?
— This class will focus on technique, aerobic endurance, and fun. It will be taught by experienced road cyclists and triathletes who will bring more to the class than two hours of grinding!

Two hours? Are you guys nuts?
— Yeah.  I think so.  But it’s not like you’ll get left behind, so you might as well try it. This is the best cardio workout you’ll find until the weather warms up. It’s a nice mixture of intensity and technique work that will surely improve your times this summer, or at least shed some winter insulation!

I’m not a member of Five Seasons… can I still go to this class?
— Yes.

Free beer? Really?
— Yep. We’d love it if everyone could hang around afterwords for some socializing and networking. Five Seasons is an amazing facility and they’ve been very gracious sponsors of the team. Come hang out with the rest of the athletes in the class!

Do you have a question?  Post it in the comments or email spin.secondsole at gmail.com


One Response

  1. It doesn’t look like the new Communications Department is any better than the old one. Apparently Valentines day doesn’t fall on the 14th of February this year. Saturday? Thursday?

    I will give you a golf clap for fixing the start time in the above post though….; )

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the spin sessions.

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