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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Buzzard Duathlon Results, Photos, and Reports

DSC_1033So, the official results are in, and it’s true…  SSSMST did amazingly well at the Buzzard Duathlon. Here are our results… click through to read reports and see some more photos. Marty Mason wins “Quote of the Week,” and Paul (and Tammy!) Lentini win Teammates of the Week for volunteering.

Women’s Biathlon:

1st: Leah Halloran
2nd: Jen Petkovsek

Women’s Duathlon:

3rd: Anne Callahan
4th: Brandy Smith (1st AG)

Men’s Duathlon:

1st: Brian Stern
2nd: Rob Thompson
3rd: Marty Mason

6th: Scott Zubricky
8th: Kevin Krol
10th: Patrick Kolozvary
And Mike Schaefer, Brian Kostura.

Men’s Biathlon:

2nd: Bruce MacDonald (male model)


This was a tough race! Somehow I had forgotten just how hilly and hard that course is! I also forgot how soon I get passed by the faster people – for some reason during this race it was mentally tough to just keep getting passed, and passed, and passed… gotta get out on the hills a bit more and just keep at the training. Overall, it was a great day to be out and was loads of fun to race with so many teammates. We had great spectators too, which is a highlight of this course. Looking forward to our next outing at the Hy-5k on 5/8.


Have never done this race before today and had heard “it’s hilly.” Uh, yea! Wow, what a tough course that is humbling! But also what a fun day it was seeing so many teammates out there doing awesome! Nice job everyone!


I was so unprepared for this race that Leah and I weren’t even sure how to get there! We figure it out though and roll up to do the Bi-athlon cause, well, i haven’t been running much and felt kind of wussy. I even pre-registered this way so i wouldn’t be swayed at the registration table.

So about 10mins before the start, Stern comes over calling me girl’s names and trying to get me the do the Du. See, he came out on the Spin ride last Wednesday and was forced to go on the defensive to avoid being dropped, so i think he wanted to drag me into the deeper waters of the Du and return the favour with the run. I told him I’d move up if he paid, thinking he wouldn’t, and he called my bluff instantly, shit…. Before i knew it i was holding a fresh $10 note and standing in line about 5 mins before the start getting a new number!

Gun went and my race was like everyone elses. Hilly, painful, you know…..the usual April Buzzard hazards. Saw Stern disappear very quickly early in the run and thought “there goes the race”. Found myself about 12th or 13th getting onto the bike, 2nd getting off with Marty, as usual, somewhere behind me and gaining on the run. Buffer was big enough though and held on for 2nd. Stern gets his revenge….my legs are thrashed.

Good to see everyone out together. Congrats to Stern on his win, Leah on hers, Marty and Jen on their podiums, and everyone else who sacked up and raced. Good times!


The new Scott racing flats were great – straight out of the box! I played it safe and reverted to my old training shoes for the 2nd run after my sluggish bike leg made a course PR impossible. I was feeling heavy on the hills today and 2min slower than last yr. So my diet starts again tomorrow… I had fun pacing with Patrick, though, and I can’t wait to race in those shoes again! Nice job everyone!


First race with my new bike, was a little worried about the dampness. All went well and I was very happy with my performance, this early in the season.

Its a lot of fun to race with the team at the priority events. Looking forward to a good season.


Tough race as usual, the way I like ’em!

Didn’t expect too much after running 31 miles the weekend before, but was hoping I could keep it together on the first run and mash it on the bike. I usually don’t have much left on the second run and this year was no different.

I managed to come in pretty respectably the opening run. I guess a 5k feels like a hundred meters after a 50k, so I should be good the rest of the season.

Took me a lap on the bike before I found my rhythm and just tried to keep splitting each loop out faster. Finally caught up to some of the frontrunners (Bruce) and set myself up respectably for the final run, when I see Bruce and another guy who wanted to race me to the end of the bike head past T2 for the finish line. Bi. Felt decent enough the second run, but everything started hurting after the first mile. Dropped a few places due to my “no speed spring” and cruised home in 8th. I think.

Rode to Cleveland Heights afterwards.


Marathon training is a funny thing. Somedays you find yourself running 24 miles, and the next day you find yourself on the rolling hills of Hinckley doing a duathlon. The plan for the day was to not get hurt or overdo it & I think it was a success.
It was great to see practically the whole team out racing. Brandy hit the nail on the head when she said the course makes for good viewing of how the rest of the team is doing.
I definitely need to work on my bike handling skills, decending and cornering on wet roads are not my forte.
Overall fun race & great showing by the whole team.


I chased SSSMT blue and green all morning. First, it was Stern on the run; then it was Aussie on the bike. I didn’t race my TT bike for the first time ever on the rolling course. The threat of rain also helped me decide on my road bike(Secretly, I want to be like Aussie). Those aren’t excuses, but maybe I need to up my dosage of Geritol. I truly enjoyed the chase. Thanks guys.

Bruce MacDonald (Male Model)

Great to see everyone out there today, great showing. First of all, hats of to Aussie for stepping up and doing the du at the last minute. Without that show of courage I would have been bumped out of the top 3. I opted for the Bi, because I just haven’t had a chance to train a lot lately. As some of you may know, I have been pursuing one of my other passions, male modeling. I find this very rewarding, and far less painful to train for. Anyhow, race was challenging as always. The hills always hurt this time of year. Scott Zubricky forced me to work a little harder, trying to pass me on the bike…on the hill..at the start of lap 2. Leah really pushed me on the run, even having the audacity to pass me with about 200 yards left, but I returned the favor and slid into the transition ahead of her. Bragging rights are mine for now. Gotta go exfoliate….


The thing that Hinckley makes me remember every year is that racing hurts REALLY BAD!!!!! Hinckley seems to hurt more than other races due to the hills and it’s early season start. I did my first biathlon and was happy with the outcome. Run went way better than expected and the hills are not quite as overwhelming as they used to be. I got to run with Bruce for awhile, which is always fun. Got to see Andy after he flatted! Sorry Andy! But, the best part of the race was the support and encouragement of our teammates. A special thanks to the Rood Family and Russ for cheering and for the Lentini’s for volunteering their time to work at the race.


Fifth flat tire in two weeks.


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