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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Tune Up Races

For many, it’s getting down to the business end of the season into taper mode for the big one. The lure of competition is still strong though, and there are few opportunities as good as an actual race to get a good training session in.

With that in mind, Scott Zubricky ran the Buckeye Half Mary in preparation for the Akron Marathon where he finished just outside the top 20. Joe Bush was there too, but it just wasn’t his day. Rob Thompson took second at the weekly Westlake Criterium in preparation for mountain bike/cyclocross season, and Brain Stern continued his strong season at the Presque Isle Tri as he marches towards long course nationals.

Nice work guys; read through for their reports.

Scott at the Buckeye with his strong finish –

Did this race as training for the Akron Marathon. I was looking to run hard but not go over the edge. The race went well and was able to pull away from some runners at about mile 9. Finished strong.

Aussie at Westlake –

I don’t typically count these as real races, but i got second last night so I’m counting this one  😉

Sick of waiting for carbon/rgf et al. to make moves and being at the mercy of those, so I was aggressive (reckless?) as often as i could be attacking several times hoping to establish a break of my own, or set up other Spin guys for a good counter.

With 3 laps to go Steiner was off the front, but was caught with 2 laps to go. I countered as he was caught and dragged Shawn Adams, Pete Baughman, and Dave Chernoski with me. We held it to the end, and i lost the sprint to Dave. Still a good results though.

Stern at Preque Isle –

I planned to race hard and use this as a fast training day. That’s what happened, good competition made for a fast race. I swam to go hard on the bike and even harder on the
3.5 mile plus run course. I posted the fastest non relay run split but was 22 seconds out of 2nd overall. Good effort and plenty of suffering, well worth the trip.


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