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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Tearin’ up the course!

As we move into October, many people are beginning to shut it down for the year and enjoy some well deserved down time. However, Leah Halloran, Bruce Macdonald, Patrick Kolozvary and Brandy Smith had other ideas last weekend.

Leah and Bruce traveled to the 2010 Cincinnati UCI3 Cyclocross Festival where Leah continued her domination of the regional cyclocross scene winning both days, while Bruce earned himself an upgrade. Nice riding guys. Patrick won the Berea Animal Rescue Fund’s Monster Mutt Dash, a 5k to help raise funds to save stray and abandoned animals, and Brandy Smith ran the Bay Village Bicentennial 5k to gather some data as she heads into a run heavy training bloc.

Congrats to Leah and Patrick on their wins! Nice racing.

Read through for everyone’s race reports.

Leah “Holy crap you won by a lot!” Halloran –

This past weekend we drove to Cincinnati for their annual UCI Cyclocross Festival.  The weekend consists of three races at three different venues.  This was our third year to go and I feel like it gets better each year.  The races are well organized, the fields are big and the announcers are very entertaining.  On Saturday 52 women competed in the Women’s 3/4 race and 43 raced on Sunday.  Although there were many ladies in the race the field was divided between Master’s races and women 34 and under.  Unfortunately the Master’s women had start at the same time but line up behind the 34 and under group …what a bummer.  The race on Saturday was very turny.  While warming up I would sometimes get confused on where and when to turn because all I saw was a sea of yellow tape.  The morning started out not very smooth.  We checked in and upon returning to the car I realized I lost my number.  So, I had to go get a new one.  Thankfully, I wasn’t charged but I lost my front row start position and was on row three.  As we are getting ready to line up I realized I forgot my gloves.  So, I had to sprint back to the car, find them and sprint back to the third row.  I managed to secure a spot right next to the curve and my goal was to sprint the uphill start and get back in front.  Luckily, my plan worked and I was in the top three once we crested the hill.  About halfway through the first lap I was following another girl and decided I should pass her before the turny section.  So, I put in a huge effort and was able to hold everyone off until the end.  Sunday morning started out much smoother than Saturday.  I ended up finding my number and started on the front row.  The course Sunday was less technical but had many other features to thwart your progress.  The first of which was an uphill sandpit that you rode through after about 2 minutes of climbing.  The race began, once again, with a fast sprint.  Luckily, I had a good start and was in second when we hit the grass.  The girl in front of me ended up falling shortly before the long uphill drag and I was able to take the lead.  Going up the hill all I could think about was whether or not I could ride the sand pit.  I had been unable to ride it during warm up and I didn’t want to slow down too much trying to ride across.  Once I reached the pit there was a huge crowd cheering with cowbells all along the side.  I had no choice….I had to ride it.  The race of the race was fun…..very hard….. and I kept my lead.  Overall, a great weekend.  Although I did win, I will say the best part is watching others race.   I always think it’s easier to see others suffer than to do it yourself!  Props to Bruce who was able to upgrade halfway through the weekend and ended up doing awesome in a 2/3 field.  Also congrats to all the Team Spin riders who rode their hearts out, especially Dave on his furious uphill sprint finish.

Bruce “Moving up in the world” Macdonald –

Headed to Cinci with the hallorans to race one ( maybe 2 ) days of cyslocross.  These were great races with huge fields.  I raced the cat 4 35+ group on Saturday.  Field start was with all cat 4’s and you were assigned starting spots by when you registered.  I was way back in the field, and had to pick my way throught he masses to get into the race. First lap was a total cluster, people everywhere, but was making some headway, until the first uphill. 3 riders went down infront of me, and i almost ate it, and busted through the tape.  Coming back on course i took on more tape, and a stake, and had to stop to pull it all out of my wheels. got back ito a groove and ended up almost catching the winner on the final lap.  My first podium where I didn’t have to dress in drag to get on it.
The cat 4 was the last race of the day, with a 5:30 start, so going into sunday I didn;t think I’d stick around to race.  I gota hold of the USA cycling rep that evening, and was able to upgrade and race the cat 3’s on Sunday.
Sunday race was tough, another 85 degree day, and a back of teh pack start in a 160 man field.  Long grassy uphills, into an uphill sand pit, and lots of sketchy off camber stuff.  Made up some places on the first lap, and then just tried to work through the pack the rest of the way.  Ended up 14th in the 35+ group.
Leah was amazing, taking first spot both days.  She was way, and and I mean waaayyyyyy ahead of everyone. Jason, the other half of the Jeah/lason power couple, had 2 great days in the 2/3 race. Great weekend of racing.

Patrick “a win is a win” Kolozvary –

This is a fun event raising money for Berea’s Animal Rescue Fund, not too far from home.  I came in second overall in this race last year, so I was hoping for a good run this year.  I ran the first 2 miles with the guy that won last year, and we held a comfortable pace 5:50ish.  At mile 2 there was a hill, I was feeling good & figured that was my time to make a move.  Basically ran by myself the last mile, but kept pushing all the way back to downtown Berea.
Very proud to bring my first overall win for team SSSMST this year (ok, it was a small race). Erin ended up running the 5k with Lexi, our silver lab & they won 1st place “mutt” with female overall too.  Very proud!

Brandy “no nickname this week” Smith –

Wanted to see where my running fitness is as I move into the off-season – running will be my main focus over the next few months.  I was happy to see that my time was faster than in the beginning of the year but I know I have room to improve as I am still more than 30s/mile off of my PR pace.  Anybody want to run with me and make me faster?  🙂



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