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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Running in Columbus, Crossin’ in Solon

One of the last big running races of the year was last weekend in Columbus. Their annual Marathon and Half Marathon is a big event that draws over 4000 runners. SSSMST’s delegation consisted of Joe Bush, Tim Walsh, and Anne Callahan. Joe was running his first marathon, while Anne was running her first one in several years. Tim ran the half in continuance of his long and brutal race calendar.

Meanwhile, Leah Halloran, Bruce Macdonald, and Jen Petkovsek ventured out to the twisty cyclocross race held by Chagrin River Cycling. In what is seemingly becoming a formality, Leah rode away from the women’s A race winning by a considerable margin. Bruce cracked the top 10 in his race, and Jen continued her education in all things cx finishing second in the women’s B field despite tasting the dirt once.

Congrats to all the racers on your results, and for hanging tough this late in the season.

Read through for the reports.

Leah “the boss of cross” Halloran –

This race was the first I have raced that had a LeMond start.  It was really fun.  I think we should start every cross race with a run.  I made sure to sprint hard since the course was full of turns.  There were few spots where you didn’t have to turn.  I was not so pumped about it when I warmed up but actually enjoyed it while racing.  It was very hard to pass people but made you a better bike handler.  So, I guess it doesn’t hurt.  The race organizers did a great job with the small amount of space they had.  They also let us start over a minute after that men, which was greatly appreciated by all the women.  The B Men were very gracious and moved over plus cheered when I came through.  I really appreciated their kindness considering the narrowness of the course.  Thank you.  Props to Bruce who finished in the top 10 of the B race and to Jen who raced cross for the second time.  Great job!

Bruce Mac –

Another cross race this past weekend.  This was a dizzying course, with more turns than any course I have raced.  They kixed it up a little at the start, throwing a Le Mans style start, which meant about a 40 yard run to your bike.  I got there quick, but then had to plow through all of teh people you beat there, total cluster.  Was in the top 4 or 5 for the first few laps, then slowly died off, holding on to 10th.
Great day for racing, Leah won again, and big, and Jen did great in the first race.

Jen Petkovsek –

This was a crazy course but fun! I was almost not going to head out to do this race as motivation has been lacking but I’m so glad I did. Stayed right behind a female from another race team who has more biking experience than I and at one point made a pass but then around a corner I hit the ground and she passed me. Got right up and again continued to stay right behind her and finished as the second woman in the C race (although there were only four of us I believe). Good time out there on a beautiful day. Bruce and Leah rocked it!

Joe  Bush –

First ever marathon and it was an amazing experience.  I have never been able to get through marathon training, but thanks to new Scott shoes and powersteps training went well.  In hind sight I could have used a few more long runs, but oh well.

Race day weather was perfect, course took us through all the great neighborhoods in Columbus, and crowd support was dense in most places.

My plan was to go out with the 3:20 group and see how long I could last.  The race went exactly according to plan for the first half, until a foot problem and incredible leg soreness resulted in a 2 hour second half.  Apparently running 26 miles at 7:30 pace is exponentially harder than running 20 miles at 8:00 pace.  Lesson learned.

Anyway, it was great seeing a few SSSMST members running and cheering people during the race.  Also nice running through my old haunts, back when I was up that early walking home from parties rather than running a marathon.

Anne Callahan –

I was happy to see Tim’s Kim while running through Bexley…She was looking great and ran a strong race! I spotted Tim shortly after.  Jim LaMastra helped me through a tough go at mile 14.  Thanks very much for being there. It wanted to run a sub 4hr. and thought that it was my day.  Maybe my 8 weeks of training was for a strong half??? Which leads me to make new plans with Joe B. and try another marathon…new and improved. Joe you had a great 1st!  This was my 3rd marathon but I had not run that distance since 2001 or was it 1998?  I PR’d but had greater expectations. My brother Mike stormed the course!  The fireworks at the start sparked his engine and he pulled off a smoking fast 3:21:53.  That’s my youngest bro! It was a very well run race.  The fireworks at the begining were perfect and the support of family, friends and teammates leaves a grateful feeling now matter what time we finish in.  Cheers!  I am proud to be on this team!  What a remarkable group of athletes and friends.  Hope to see you all Saturday in drag…I mean costume…RIGHT???  Krol doesn’t know but I am thinking he’s Ricky Bobby this year…Gotta Hop!


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