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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – The ‘Boss of Cross’ Continues her Winning Ways

Another fall weekend means another cyclocross race. Good conditions and a challenging power course greeted racers at the Cascade Park CX Race p/b Snake Bite Racing.

Leah Halloran kept her perfect streak alive, winning the women’s A race despite having an “off” day, while Jen Petkovsek broke through and won the women’s B race.  Bruce Macdonald continued his battle in the overall men’s B series, picking up valuable points after flatting mid-way through the race. Chief supporters Andy and Jess Cornwell were apparently the most popular people at the race for supplying food and beverages.

Congrats Leah, Jen, and Bruce on their outstanding performances.

Read through for their reports.

Boss of Cross –

The course this weekend was really sweet and really hard.  In all honesty, I wasn’t feeling the cross love….. I wasn’t physically or mentally present. I was lucky to squeak out another win.  If Sally wouldn’t have broken her derailleur, it would have been interesting. Bruce did awesome. Coming back from a flat and still finishing near the top ten. Thanks to Andy and Jess who came to cheer. Not only did they bring food and beverages, they brought Mr. Rolly Cooler.

Jen “dangerously close to sandbagger status” Petkovsek –

Again, cyclocross is hard, but fun! What a great day-awesome weather and a fantastic course. This week I was able to gut it out to win the women’s C race (although again there were only three of us!) It helped I was able to ride up the grassy hill rather than have to hop off and run up. I felt I did better with my remounts this week, which was encouraging. So I was telling myself “hills and barriers are good!” I think I’m getting more comfortable as I pushed pretty hard, at least it definitely felt like it! Congrats again to Bruce and Leah on great races!

Bruce “Mr.Consistent” Macdonald –

Talk about a hill…this was a crazy course this weekend, mixing long road sections, long grass, and a super ride/run up, depending on how your legs were that lap.  Got off to a good start, leading the first lap, then dropped to anout 5th on the final lap.  Bombing down the sledding hill I hit a big rock about halfway down, immediately blowing my front tire.  I held it together down the hill, and thought I would just dnf.  Then I realized my car wasn’t that far away, so I dropped my bike, and ran to mat car to look for a tube and co2.  As I was struggling with the wheel, watching people pass by, Andy came over to calm me down and lend a hand with the tire.  Got it back on and going, and was able to hold on to 12th place.
In shocking news, Leah won the womens race, and Jen had a great win in the c race.  Andy and Jess saved the day, yet again, with a cooler full of beer, wings, and cookies.



3 Responses

  1. Awesome results guys! I know that park and hill well – I take the kids there for sledding and try to pull them back up! I can’t believe you can ride all the way up on cross bikes!

  2. It was LONG but very fun to watch. I didn’t ride!

    Jen– looks like B race for you next week!

  3. I don’t think so!!! I would get crushed! Next season…

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