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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Cyclocross Double Header

Bruce looking lovely in his girlfriends kit. Photo by Mehul Gala.

Halloween weekend brings forth good stuff like candy, trick or treating, costume parties, and two consecutive days of cyclocross racing! Brett Davis is kind enough to lower his shotgun, open the gates to his farm, and put on a great weekend of races with a fun and festive atmosphere. This is the 5th annual event he’s hosted, thank you Brett!

Saturday saw the annual costume contest, with a 30 second penalty leveled against racers who do not dress up. Bruce Macdonald and Jen Petkovsek continued their solid attendance at the series, with Jen again sandbagging winning the women’s B race, while Bruce racked up some more series points by finishing near the top 10 in his race.

On Sunday, Bruce and Jen were replaced by Rob Thompson and Leah Halloran. Costumes are not mandatory on Sunday, although some people still get into the spirit of the season. Leah, despite a poor start, battled her way to the front of the race, and after a few more laps rode clear for the win in the women’s A race. She is now untouchable in the series standings and cannot be passed; nice work! Rob was having a decent day until he flatted. He made sure he finished though, and took a few beer hand ups along the way.

Leah preparing to leap. Photo by Sara Harper.

Read through for their reports and a couple more photos –

Leah “Boss of Cross” Halloran –

On Halloween weekend Brett Davis hosts a two day cyclocross extravaganza.  Unfortunately, I didn’t race on Saturday and, therefore, missed the costume contest. Bruce made it and, from what I hear, his costume didn’t disappoint.  I’m sure many of the men were very confused as to which race Bruce was in when he rode by!!!!!  The course on Sunday was less muddy than it had been in the past and had a few new surprises……like the huge steel pipe we rode through.  I had a bad start and was in third place for most of the first lap.  This was a really hard course to pass people due to the number of turns and narrow sections.  I eventually made it past Sally and Julie but didn’t get far before Sally was right on my wheel.  It took many laps until I didn’t hear her behind me anymore.  What a fun battle and great course!

Jen “time to move up” Petkovsek –

This was such a great race! The course was super fun and everyone was dressed up in costume. It was a very mountain-bike-y course to me so I was quite pleased with being able to hang in there and even ride over a small log. I can foresee another bike purchase in the future I think! I also saw Bruce, I mean Sam, no it was Bruce at the race as well. After there was beer, chili, and a fire to stay warm and spectate!

Bruce “nice rack” Macdonald –

Saturdays race was a gameday decision, but after 2 nights of drinking and little sleep, who doesn’t want to throw on a wig, fake boobs, and go for a bikeride. Laziness got the bet of me at teh  start.  That’s usually the highlight of my race, but a failure to switch wheels from the previous nights pub crawl left me slipping gears and dropping to the back. I didn’t pre-ride, so lap one was spent figuring out the course, and trying to keep my wig out of my face.  I settled into a nice pace and started picking people off for the next couple of laps.

They barriers were hell on my boobs, and had to make adjustments throught he woods section.  I couldn’t have Sam looking all lopsided.  The greatest thing about cross, if you’re not in the top few, there’s usually someone on the course that will hand you a beer.  A little hair of teh dog got me to the finish.  Jen had another great showing.  Where is everyone else????  I’m pretty sure Nacho was dressed in drag somewhere, just decided not to bike I guess.

Rob “more beer hand ups please” Thompson –

Haven’t been doing much cx this year, but it’s the only race in town this late in the year, and racing is fun (even if cx isn’t my strong suit).

Got a bad start, but picked my way through some guys in the first couple of laps and was maintaining position in the top 10. Sweet, a top 10 is a good result for me, and i was feeling pretty good. About half way through the race though i slashed the sidewall of my tire big enough for the stans sealant to be ineffective. Limped around to the pit area and tried to put air in since i didn’t have a pit wheel. No dice. I eventually got a borrowed wheel, but i’d lost nearly a full lap to the leaders. It’s a fun course, so i kept riding. Took some beer hand ups, and practiced some general cx skills….so it wasn’t a total loss. Still had fun.

Leah striding over the barriers. Photo by Sara Harper.


Aussie about to look pro, or rack his nuts? Photo by Gregg Brekke.

Gregg Brekke of Snakebite needs no caption. Photo By Mehul Gala.

Jen dressed up for/as Halloween? Photo by Mehul Gala.


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  1. That’s a terrifying picture. Nice racing guys.

  2. Post updated with pics!

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