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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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It’s raining, it’s pouring….

It’s raining, it’s pouring,

but this weekend no one will be snoring.

The Cleveland 10 Miler is on deck,

a race so hard it nearly breaks my neck.

I run as fast as I can

and I still can’t catch the gingerbread man.

After running so fast

I come in last

at the Race at the Lake

Man, I need a break!

No rest for me until after Gambier Road Race

where I may not set the pace.

Now the weekend is done

and I had fun!

Can’t wait to do it again.


  • Cleveland 10 Miler (Cleveland, OH)
  • Race at the Lakes (Munroe Falls, OH)


  • Gambier Road Race (Gambier, OH)

Anything else going on?

Links to event websites are on our calendar or at Second Sole.

As always, keep abreast of upcoming races and SSSMST events with the calendar. The calendar has links to all event websites. Have a great weekend!

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