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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Hello? Anyone reading?

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

Is this thing on?

Oh, I guess it is.  I wonder how long I’ve been talking and no one could hear me?  It appears that no one has heard a peep from me on this here website since April!  Sorry about that!  (full disclosure: I’m not the only one who knows where to find our race reports.  Ahem)  So, while you’ve been getting updates for what races are coming, you haven’t been hearing about how we’re DOING!

And we’ve been doing a lot.  We’ve been running, and du-ing.  We’ve been all around NE Ohio.  And we’ve been in Boston, Nashville, and New York too! 

Before I go back in history to relay all these stories, I just want to start with a highlight of last weekend.  SSSMST had a huge showing at the Hyland Software “Hy-5k” race.  Hyland Software puts a big priority on giving back to the community, and this race is just one way they go about that, using this race to support MetroHealth.

We had some impressive finishes!!  Aaron Heneley and Susan O’Donnell both took first in their age group!  Marty Mason and Mike Schaefer grabbed second in theirs, and Katie Dieter took third in hers.  Leah Halloran, Kevin Krol and Joe Bush all had impressive finishes as well.  Anne Callahan, Anna Barry, Andy Cornwell and Aaron Rood led pace groups to help runners nail their goal finishing time.

But maybe even more impressive was the future SSSMST out to race!  Katie’s daughter Bella (age 9) finished in 35:12!!!  And Marty has talked about his son Noah (age 12) racing before, but I’m not sure he’s quite ready to be beat by him!  Noah cruised through the race in 19:14 taking first in his age group (dad was 18:50, if you’re wondering). 

I must be too early because I don’t have many stories to share (or else the team has given up on writing up their races since they haven’t been appearing on the website!) but check back because I’ll try to get these updated as I learn more.

Marty says:

Wonderful family-oriented event.  So wonderful, my son, Noah, came within 23 seconds of beating his dad.  I couldn’t be more proud.

Mike says:

Outstanding team turnout!!  Props to newbie Aaron Henely for his 4th OA and “breakout” 17:59 time!! (He can ride a bike very well too, so lookout tri season!  Still VERY glad I did it though – no better way to get in “running” shape than racing.  Hopefully the soreness wears off before the Grafton 5k on Saturday!

Kevin says:

Went to the start line thinking I could start out at 7s and negative split and maybe sneak in under 20 minutes.  But when you haven’t been running and the start gun goes, that plan sort of reverses itself.  Felt great the first mile, and was out of gas the third.  Nuff said.


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  1. Noah does not need an ark because he has a ROCKET!!!!!!!!!! congrats Noah great race.

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