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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Winter blahs

All the cold weather and blowing snow takes me back to days of yore.   A time when cold weather riding (for those of us less trainer-inclined) consisted of the best thick socks you could find, a couple of grocery store plastic bags, and if you were lucky, a pair of Nashbar neoprene booties!    The fine Champion Systems thermal jackets we have now were but a blip in the mind of some poor sap who, like me, probably wore about 4 layers of shirts – not base layers – under a cycling jersey and whatever running jacket could be found.  Gloves?  Ha! It’s really unbelievable that we didn’t freeze off a few digits, or more, back then.

We just wanted to be like these guys…..Passo di Gavia

Any of you have good winter ride stories?  Bring em’!


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