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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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April Fools

The list of races listed below is no joke. They are all really happening….. even on this weekend of foolishness and trickery.  The races span the gamut from 5k’s to 50k’s (both on and off the road) to road races, where it’s best to remain on the road.  Read below to find a race near you.


  • St. Albert’s the Great Race (North Royalton, OH)
  • Sole to Soul 5k (Avon, OH)
  • Jog into Spring (Independence, OH)
  • Malabar Farms Road Race (Lucas, OH)


  • Towpath Half Marathon and 5 Miler (Cuyahoga Heights, OH)
  • April Fools Trail 25k and 50k (Peninsula, OH)

Anything else going on?

Links to event websites are on our calendar or at Second Sole.

As always, keep abreast of upcoming races and SSSMST events with the calendar. The calendar has links to all event websites. Have a great weekend!


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