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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Cheeseburger (and a 5K) in Paradise

Since the Cleveland weather took a dour turn the last few weeks, SSSMST’s own Mike Schaeffer took his talents to Castaway Cay.

How is this boat not touching bottom?

Mike’s race report after the jump….

Our family spring break vacation was a 5 day cruise on the “Disney Dream.”  It included 2 days on Disney’s private island Castaway Cay (see picture).  Luckily for me, each day on the island Disney puts on a 5K race – complete with race numbers and a permanent digital clock at the start/finish!  The first race was pretty hot (85deg), and our lead group got temporarily lost, but I managed to run 20:15 and 3rd OA.  Two days later we were back on the island again, and an even bigger field (almost 100 people!) gathered for another chance to work off the cruise-ship calories.  The weather was cooler and spirits were high after 4 days of vacation..  This time the pace was quicker with some new guys who could run pretty fast!  I decided to go out with the leaders, and barely held on for 3rd OA again.  I ran a 19:35, which is my fastest time in a while..
I couldn’t help but think about XC ski racing as I was running.. It was such a stark contrast between this run in paradise and the freezing ski marathon I’d just done 6weeks earlier!  …the palm trees, beach, perfect weather…  Almost as good as Wisconsin in February!!  (I’d still take Wisconsin!!)
The race finished right next to the picnic pavillion, where the cruise staff prepared an excellent picnic!  The cheeseburgers and beer tasted so good!  Ahhh. Paradise..   I highly recommend this cruise experience!!!

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  1. Love the picture – I did swim a workout that afternoon – no sharks either!

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