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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Hinckley Du, DC and Tough Mudder!

The multisport season is officially here!  The Hinckley Bi & Duathlon has become an early season tradition and SSSMST was out in force…not just racing but volunteering too. Tough Mudder is a new addition to the local scene.  Brandy got to test out this new race for herself, see her comments below.  Congrats to all who participated!  Not one to miss out on action, Katie got in a 5 miler for a good cause while in DC.

Lets check in for some first hand accounts…


Stern rocked it out;

I was cold to start, warmed up quick on the first run. Got cold on the bike and did not feel my feet until after the first mile of the second run. Good early season race and some good results from everyone. Looking forward to some warm weather racing ( or I need to put on some weight to stay warm in the cold). I hate wearing a lot of clothes.

Rood’s view of Hinckley

“40  Degrees and Coooooold. I had a great time battling it out with other dudes in Blue and Green. Props to Z who had a great race and PK who still can run – 3 months post. Mike S. thanks for coming through and busting up our little riding  group.  Henely- nice race, loose the garbage bags.  “

Adam Roark;

 Super hard race but a great venue and great fitness test in the early year

Mike Schaefer

Awesome team performance.  I felt strong in run but maybe over-did it a bit.  New Ridley (Phaeton) TT bike performed well but legs were kinda flat.  Great job everyone!


“Was looking to establish some sense of my level of fitness in what is probably the final race tune up before American Zofingen.  That level of fitness, at least relative to our team, was known as not-quite-there, as I saw a pack of 4 or 5 other green and blue uni’s drift over the final hill at mile 2.5 of the first run. Thought I would make up some time and places on the bike, which I did the first lap and a half.  Then, I was involved in the first of two incidents that I’ve never in my 15 or so years of multisport racing, and probably 12th on the start line of this particular race, have ever witnessed. The rest of my race went like this:  I was nearly clipped from the left side going up a climb on the start of lap 2 by another competitor.   One lap later, up another climb, a second incident with the previously mentioned competitor resulted in the crash of another athlete. After this, which I had to stop for, my momentum was completely gone although I rode on adrenaline for another 3 or so miles.  By the time I got back to transition for the second run, the wind was gone from the sails.”

Patrick K

 “Classic weather for this early season multisport race in Hinckley.  It was cool, but at least no rain!.  Took the first 3 mile run somewhat easy & ran with lots of teammates.  The bike had a group of about 5 from SSSMST somewhat close, which kept things interesting.  Around lap 3 I took a gel & when I looked up Henely& Z dropped me.  So I worked to catch up over the next 2 laps, Rood and Mike were around me so that helped kick up the pace.  Got off the bike, had a good transition & had a strong run…got to love the early season jelly legs off the bike! Stern blew us all out of the water & there was great team representation on the course (Krol & Roark)  & volunteering – special thanks to Anne, Tim & Murphy for doing the dirty work! “

Anne aka super volunteer;

 “A gusty,chilly morning is typical for the annual and painful Hinckley Duathlon.  This year did not disappoint. A very fast field proved that the mild winter got the top three finishers off the trainer and left the treadmill in the basement. It was awesome to see the team in new kits, big smiles and kicking butt!  Brian Stern proved he was ever worthy of his new Shiv.  Mark Murphy, Tim Walsh and I made the podium for Top Race Officials!  Adam Roark celebrated his first Team Race with a Birthday and a new kit…Woo-Hoo! Brother Adam! Zubricky, Schaefer, Henley, Krol and Rood…hammered the ride with a few altercations.  Hinckley is tough to get a groove on and these mates prevailed! Way to rock it!  Cheers SSSMST!  “

Walsh & Murphy were a huge help volunteering on the “hot corner” Tim’s take;

  With no spills and no DQ’s on the hairpin turn Murphy and Walsh manned, we say ‘mission accomplished’. Nice racing to SSSMST and to All!!

Here is Brandy’s take on Tough Mudder;

“The course was just over 11 miles with 26 obstacle courses.  Throughout the race, I scaled walls, army-crawled through trenches, was submerged in ice water, walked across a balance beam, was submerged in muddy water (many, many times) and maybe the scariest of all: jumped from a 30+ foot platform into a quarry.  And did I mention I was submerged in muddy water??

Overall, it was a fun day.  I signed up with a team of triathletes from the CTC and there’s NO WAY I could have done it without them.  They hoisted me up and over walls, including a greased up quarter pipe, pulled me out of mud pits, and generally encouraged me throughout.  I thought that the obstacles were fun, though I would have enjoyed a few more in lieu of the multiple waist-high muddy traverses (especially since it’s not meant to be a timed course – after a while those were more annoying than anything since we just walked through them).

I should probably also mention that it was about 40-50 degrees, and from the first mile to the last, we were sopping wet.

This is a fun team event, and I really think SSSMST should sign up a team for next year!  I will watch – one and done for me, I think!”

Katie Shaw took the SSSMST show on the road to DC

“I was in DC for work for a couple weeks and thought it would be fun to do a race. I convinced a friend who was also in DC for work to run with with me so we headed over to Hains Point on the Potomac River near the Jefferson memorial on Saturday, April 14th. It was the first year for this race. It was a little unorganized and I suspect the 5 mile course was short, but the majority of the race registration fees went towards Parkinson’s Research so it was for a great cause. Also the views of the sun rising over the Potomac were spectacular.

I ended up finishing 2nd female overall with a time of 35:01. The results show a few women in front of me but they ran the 5k. I know there was only one woman in front of me for the 5 miler because it was an out and back course so I was counting and trying desperately to catch her the whole race. She slowed down in the 4th mile and I got right on her heels but she had more left for the last mile than I did and beat me to the line. I’m very happy with the time, but suspect of the course because it would be a PR by over a minute, so I’m just happy with the effort. Wish I would have had my Garmin. Also worthy of noting, around mile 2 a guy running the 5 miler recognized the Second Sole logo and told me he used to be a customer when he lived in Cleveland. Very cool 🙂 “


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