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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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St. Malachi 5-Miler (sorry, no post race inebriatives)

Large group of SSSMSTr’s out this past weekend to prime themselves for St. Paddy’s Day debauchery.  Of course the St. Malachi 5-Miler (33rd Annual, btw) is debauchery in and of itself now, isn’t it?

Jen P:

Malachi! Always a fun day! Personally, I had fairly high hopes for the race as I have been putting in the work and also dropped a few lbs but really was not sure what I could do but thought PR was a possibility (previous 33:53 at Bay Days in 2009 I think). Had asked Leah what she was running and told her what I was thinking and she said “that sounds good” very nonchalantly! Of course once we began she took off ahead and had a great race to get 2nd in our AG. The conditions were iffy with the snow/rain/sleet which was discussed by many at the start. Crossing over the Detroit-superior bridge was a little slick but the adrenaline overcame that! Mostly the course was just wet thank goodness! A CTC friend came up on me saying I looked strong and he helped pace me-and block some wind out by Browns stadium. The turnaround was a sloppy, slushy wet mess and there was no way not to return without soaking wet feet! It was fun seeing so many runners out there. The first couple miles were fast and after the turn-around the countdown began although that is where the course gets tough coming up W. 3rd after Browns stadium and then back up over Detroit-Superior bridge. I told myself push to eek out every second of this PR and keep up with my CTC buddy. Coming up the bridge I forced out some smiles as that is a “trick” I’ve been working on while racing when it gets tough. Coming down the bridge the last .25 was great to hear some cheers from some teammates at the corner including Andy’s “he’s looking for ya” which was referring to my CTC buddy who was just ahead and looking behind at me…we pushed each other to a great race and I got a huge PR! (time was 32:31) The icing on the cake was I grabbed 3rd in my AG – a surprise as this race brings out some great female runners. As always, the celebration began after the race with some rehydration and hanging out with teammates who raced or just came out to volunteer/support the day. Great start to 2013!!!


Malachi……….fun race, crappy weather, slippery course, good beer. This was my second race in about two years so I had no idea what to expect. Here is a little summary of my race…..start running….man this hurts…i really hope I’m going a good pace because this hurts…..Mile One 6:03…oh crap…no wonder this hurts..met a nice pair of sisters and chatted with them….they got away…this hurts….i hear someone calling me names… it’s jocelyn…..this hurts….she gets away…finish…that hurt!


Only at Malachi do you consider running in ice, snow, slush and sleet followed by donuts and several beers before noon fun. Malchi lived up to expectations. Lots of familar faces enjoying a Cleveland tradition.

Annie C:

A great race to kick off the season! Loved the Team Colors EVERYWHERE..!


For a third year I wore the team kilt as has become the tradition for St. Malachi. I must say this is the first year I considered it a bad wardrobe choice with the rain and the cold wind. Did I mention the cold wind? I don’t know how you ladies wear skirts in the winter. Race was great as usual and it is awesome to see so many teammates out there either racing, cheering or supporting the race. On a personal note, I had a good race and considering I began Ironman training a few weeks ago my legs had a little more pop in them than expected always a pleasant surprise. Also, I picked up a pair of Scott’s recovery shoes from Second Sole and they were so worth it, very comfortable and the little bumps on the insoles are like little fingers massaging my feet while enjoying refreshments after the race. Until next time… Murph  (Recovery shoes?  I think I’ve been doing that since last September!! -ed)


Another wonderful day on the St Malachi course! A beautiful slushie rain allowed me to run shoulder to shoulder for with my teammate, Aaron Rood. We dipped, dodged, and dived through 5 miles of frigid puddles. Luckily, he did not take offense to my numerous elbow bumps and forearm shivers throughout the course. Anyone else would have shoved me into the icy gutter along the way. “If ya ain’t touching, ya ain’t racing”, is the last thing I heard as we went over the final mile.

Katie Shaw:

What a slush pit! Thank you Mother Nature for showing Cleveland some love. I always enjoy St. Malachi, regardless of the unpredictable weather. I went in expecting to hold 7:45 – 8:00 pace given my training and perceived fitness, but managed to fairly comfortably hold on to 7:30. A pleasant surprise and confidence boost headed into the build phase of my training. Lots of fun had before, during and after the race. Great to see a lot of the blue and green out on the course, cheering and volunteering 🙂

Great job team!!


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