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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Memorial Weekend Racing

Bruce, Anna, Jen, Murphy, Marty and Rood enjoying post race "refreshments."

Bruce, Anna, Jen, Murphy, Marty and Rood enjoying post race “refreshments.”

SSSMST’ers were near and far (well, since I’m not sure where North Lawrence is, we’ll consider it far), including a very early season chilly triathlon, and the long standing Blossom Time Run in Chagrin Falls.

Patrick K at the Clay’s Park Triathlon:

Smoke on the water! This morning made me rethink the benefits of preregistration. The temp was 33 pulling in to Clays Park & there was frost on the grass & heavy fog over the lake.

Read on for the rest of PK’s report and the details of the Blossom Time Run!

They told us the race would be delayed until the fog lifted so lifeguards could see us. Water temp was not bad, I was most concerned about getting on the bike in the cold after getting out of the water. I had my longest T1 ever, trying to completely towel down & layer up. The bike was slower than I would have liked, but the run went well. Kostura did well and Erin came in as 3rd woman OA…very impressed, as always.

Brian Kostura, also at Clay’s Park:

This was the coldest tri I have ever done…36 degrees at the start. That being said, I could not feel my toes for the entire first loop of the run! All I can say is that I’m glad I brought a wetsuit! Seriously considered wearing it during the bike!

Anna Brown takes us to the Blossom Time run:

Rood’s been talking about how great this race is for years and I’ve always regretted not going after reading everyone’s race reports. So this year I set my alarm for 5:20 a.m. and got myself and my bike over to Rood’s house for the ride out to Chagrin Falls. It was nice ride to the race with Bruce, Marty, Rood, Sam and Kara (nice except for the intersection that Rood sprinted through for the city sign then yelled CAR as he was through it) After we got our race numbers and got ready to run, there was about a half hour where my bike was temporarily missing. So I spent my prerace time running around looking for who knew where it was. Literally as the race was starting, I finally found Murphy and Jen P and they said they put my bike in their car. That was a new level of prerace nervousness. The race was pretty awesome. Amazing crowd support, including all the beer (I mean water) stops. I just took it easy, enjoyed the morning, and more importantly, enjoyed the post race celebrations in the parking lot.

Bruce at Blossom:

Great early morning ride over to Chagrin Falls for the Blossom run. A little cold, but warmed up along the way and turned out great. We had a good group for the 30 mile ride to Chagrin Falls, followed by a hilly course that had the legs in some pain. Thanks to the guys at mile 3.5 for the can of PBR. Cost me a little time, but worth it.

Jen P at Blossom:

One of the funnest races I’ve done! Unfortunately, the plan to join the Rood crew to ride out didn’t work out after a week of being sick after Triple T so did not plan to race this, but still got a great run in with Mark. We started off in the middle of the pack so first mile was 9:48! Then 8:49, 7:46, 7:39, 7:11, and last quarter mile 7 min pace…perfect progression run! And when a gap opened up we threw in some pick-ups. Hung out with the SSSMST crew after to round out a great morning!

Congrats to all as we (hopefully) finally say goodbye to early March temperatures!  Whooohoooooo!


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