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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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M22 Challenge Race Report

M22_groupFrom that state up north comes a trio of reports from SSSMST’ers who exchanged wetsuits for kayaks in this adventure-formatted triathlon.

Anna Brown:

I am taking a break from my Fat Tire, I mean vacation to write this…
I was nearly sidelined with a wrist injury the week before the race but was able to at least do the run portion. Running up that dune is TOUGH but running down it is crazy fun. Highlights of the race include:
Lori Muller actually being able to race (with some minor assistance) after a recent mountain bike crash
Mehul Gala officially becoming a multisport athlete (and beating the triathletes)
Katie Shaw waiting for Sal Oriti to get out of his kayak so they could finish together, then Sal sprinting past her when she wasn’t looking to beat her
Next year I will be back and able to do the whole race. And will attempt to kayak down that cyclist with the weak upper body…

Katie Shaw:

Fun race! 2 mile run that included a run up and down the dune climb at the beginning of Sleeping Bear Dunes, a 17 mile ride around Glen Lake and a 2.5 mile kayak on Glen Lake. I couldn’t help but feel like a little kid again running up and bunny hopping down the sand dune. 2.5 miles in a kayak was a challenge. I was glad to be racing with my boyfriend to have some company out on the lake Hung out on the beach with everyone afterwards. What an awesome weekend! 🙂

Tim Walsh’s view from the sidelines:

I didn’t race it but I did spectate and what a fun event to cheer for! This run-bike-paddle tri is a pretty neat combo and the fact that it had elite levels as well as those fresh off the couch made for some real fun viewing. The run was up and down the sand dunes and not too many competitors look smooth running this leg, the bike is around a lake and a real easy one to spectate, and the kayaking was fast & smooth one minute followed by fender benders and t-bone collisions the next, awesome! Team members Anna, Katie, and Lori represented SSSMST proudly with their particularly smooth performances, as did our significant others Sal, Mehul, and Kim. Oh ya, we all toasted to their efforts at the Katie Shaw Cabin afterwards…way fun on Lake Michigan.

Lori, on a mission at the kayak exit

Lori, on a mission at the kayak exit

And from Lori Muller, a 3-time veteran at this venue:

This is the third year in a row that I’ve done this race and this was the best one yet!
Unfortunately I’m still nursing a sore back from a mountain biking mishap, so I stayed away from the dune climb, but toughed out the bike and paddle.  The Ironman training really showed that it’s working with an awesome bike time.  The hill to Inspiration Point has been my nemesis the past two years, but I more than conquered it this time around!!
Having fun on the bike - IM training DOES pay off!

Having fun on the bike – IM training DOES pay off!

The reason this year was the best one yet?  The company!  Katie Shaw, Anna Brown, Tim and Kim Walsh and several other friends competing and spectating were the best company.  I can’t wait to come back and do it again next year.

I’m telling you, this race is addictive!!


Congrats to everyone – sounds like a fun race!!


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