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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Twilight Trail 8K

SSSMST sent a crew to North Chagrin Reservation in the Cleveland Metroparks last Thursday for the ever-popular Twilight Trail 8K.  Let’s hear how things went….

Adam...obviously (ham)mering it!

Adam…obviously (ham)mering it!


This is an awesome event that changes up the whole age group starting list. I enjoyed being able to track some people down on a run rather than being ran down. I am turning this race into an every year event because of the pure fun nature of it!




Rood leads Patrick and Henely

Rood leads Patrick and Henely


This is my favorite race. It awesome to see sssmst numbers growing at this race. There were a bunch of sssmst family/groupies there too. Although,sadly the Krols were missing this year. This race has everything Kevin dreams about, climbs,trails, beer, pizza and the elusive title of “grass roots”.
Race highlights for me …. 1) finding Murphy on the first climb 2) sharing the trail with PK (and Henely,too) 3) Lori cheering from a strategic location with refreshments for hand ups.
I look forward to next year.


Anna Brown:

Fun race, as always! Any run that ends with pizza, beer, and Twixs is going to be a good time!

Aaron & Nicole Henely

Aaron & Nicole Henely

Patrick carrying over the banker's hours to pre race strategy

Patrick carrying over the banker’s hours to pre race strategy

Rood leads Patrick and Henely

Rood leads Patrick and Henely

Out on the trail

Out on the trail

The SSSMST cadre

The SSSMST cadre


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