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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Run for Regis

Game on!  Lori, Jen and Murphy recently slogged some miles in some of winter’s finest down in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park at the Run for Regis 50K and Half Marathon!

That can't help with the VO2 max!!???

That can’t help with the VO2 max!!???


This is the third year in a row I have done Run for Regis. Initially signed up for the 50k after having a great race in the half marathon distance last year but when the time came I was not prepared for that but did have 18 on the Boston marathon training schedule. Perfect. This race you can pretty much do whatever you want! There are two loops-4.7 mile green loop and 8.4 mile orange loop. Mark only had 13.1 on his training plan but sucked it up and was kind enough to say he’d do whatever I was doing. The other thing with this race is you just never know what kind of weather you will get. Last year it was nearly 60 degrees and just a little wet/muddy but today would prove to have quite challenging conditions being about 15 degrees at the start and significant snow on the ground. Starting from the Ledges shelter you run out depending on the loop, which we started with the green and it was like running in sand. Whew. It was going to be a tough day. Fortunately footing improved some, but as we returned to the green loop the second time somehow rather than the snow getting more packed down from all the runners it was even harder! My whole lower body just hurt. Slow going it was but I figured I was building some strength and endurance on this long day. Garmin said time was 3:30 with official race time 3:54 (including pit stops at aid stations-which was worth it cause the grilled cheese was the bomb!). After finishing first order was to get into warm, dry clothes and then pick up schwag which is also always good at this race. This year it was a Brooks running jacket with the Run for Regis snowflake on the back. Then we all enjoyed some hot chocolate and yummy chili. Fun day with many friends on the trails and a few tails to tell!

Gettin' warm, post race!

Gettin’ warm, post race!

Jen P:

I can’t think of a better way to spend a winter weekend near Cleveland then trail running in CVNP with friends, hot grilled cheese and veggie chili! This was my first Run for Regis and I had a blast. At race start the temp was a frosty 18 degrees, but the soft snow falling and beautiful setting of the park kept my mind off of the chill. The aid stations and volunteers were fantastic – I’ll definitely be back!!






Great job everyone!!


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