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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Hinckley Buzzard Duathlon

OK kids, now that we’re getting into the meat of race season, we’ll be bringing you thrill-a-minute post race coverage!  We go back a week to Hinckley, home of the Buzzards, for what is arguably the toughest short course race around, the Buzzard Duathlon.

20140427_090344 SSSMST’s Mike Schaefer and yours truly toed the start line this year, but only Dr Mike was able to go the distance for Second Place!

Great race! PR for the course by over a minute with a nice well-balanced effort. The turnout was decent but there weren’t many speedsters there (teammates included!). Still, I’ll take a podium finish (2nd OA) any day! It’s such a rush to run near the front! It’s looking to be a great season!!

Schaefer taking 2nd place on the day!

Schaefer taking 2nd place on the day!

My race report goes something like this:

Through my warm up and the tenderoni hamstring felt like it was going to be fine.  Race starts and I chug along not really racing but just trying to move along.  I cruise the downhill at State Rd, about a mile or so into the race and maybe I let it open up too much.  Two hundred yards later hamstring gone.  Ouch.  Luckily the Rood boys were at the bottom of the hill and let me borrow the fixie to get back to transition (bad move).  Spent the rest of the race on the hill with Jeanne DeBonis ringing cowbell and handing up “performance enhancing” substances to Team Snakebite (Durno).

Rood'in tood'in

Rood’in tood’in

Ready to rock!

Ready to rock!





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