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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Mohican Endurance & Fat Little Buddies

More halfsies and 5k racing to be had out there.  SSSMST’s Mike Schaefer, Joe Bush and Aaron Henely trekked down to Mohican for the inagural Mohican Endurance Festival Half Iron.  A bit of local racing history comes with it:  Pleasant Hill Lake, which is on the west side of the Mohican State Forest was a long-standing fixture on the HFP Powerbar/Clifbar series’ in the 1990’s, and also site of what would have arguably been the hardest iron-distance triathlon back in 1999 – the Mohican Pineman.  After a long hiatus, HFP brings back triathlon to the Mohican area, and if past races are any indication, this one promises to be a suffer-fest!  Lets’s hear from Schaefer, who used the course to his advantage in setting a half iron PR:

Great race. I swam and rode with Henely. We had a good group on the bike and it helped a ton but it was a BRUTAL course – at least 6 climbs when I was in the 39×25 for a long time. The run was even tougher. Out and back, partly on trail, but even the road portions included some major climbs – one was over 2 miles long! Henely got away from me immediately on the run but then he ran off course.. (Follows down flags from yesterday’s trail race.. When he finally got back on course I was 2 miles ahead on my way back (at mile 7), so he cashed it in and paced me the rest of the way. He pushed me perfectly and gave me splits I needed to go sub -5! I only walked a bit on the last 3 steep uphills. Overall It was of my best races ever! Really feeling bad for Aaron as he would have been about 4th OA, but he had a hell of a workout! 

To the off-course go the spoils

To the off-course go the spoils


We also had Team Kostura out in force at the Fat Little Buddies 5k in Olmsted Falls:

Bridget: After a very hot race, a lady came up to us raving about SPIN, how she bought her bike there and that a couple of her friends were going up to buy bikes. Nice work SPIN!!!

Brian: This was a fun little local 5k. Bridget and Carolynn got to race in their new kits, which attracted some welcome attention. I also got to see some old friends out on the course, and do a little promoting for Spin and Second Sole. Always good to get out.


I love my new kit!

I love my new kit!


Great job all!!



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