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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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SSSMST’s Kona Kualifier, Jeanne DeBonis is also making regular appearances on the ITU Olympic Distance circuit – especially when it comes to National and World Championships!  This year she somehow managed to wedge in ITU Worlds in Edmonton Alberta, Canada in between all the long course training she’s been doing.  Here’s her firsthand account of how the race went:

On Labor Day, September 1, in the midst of Ironman Kona training, I competed in the ITU Olympic distance Age Group World Championship in Edmonton, Canada. 

Race morning brought very low temperatures – 6-7 C (low 40s F). They lined us up just after 9 am, so we still had a long cold wait for the 45-49 women’s start at 9:40. The 1500m swim was two loops in a chlorinated man-made lake and the start was fun – we all lined up with one foot on a platform, then ran and dove into the water. I was relieved to start swimming because the water temperature (at 19 C/66 F) was balmy compared to the air. My swim was the one thing that did go well. I felt strong and going into the second loop, I was able to drop the two women flanking me for most of the first lap.

JD @ worlds
The 40K bike course was also a double loop with a steep climb at the beginning. The course was very fast, but the cold was an issue for everyone. I thought I had a strong ride, but my time – same as Milwaukee – was disappointing to say the least.
Thus, when I saw the time as I pulled into transition, I started to mentally unravel. After racking my bike, I couldn’t get my helmet strap unclipped because my hands had gotten so cold my fingers didn’t work. I finally yelled for help and an ITU official came over, but right before she got to me, I actually managed to unclip the strap myself. I started the run frustrated and discouraged and all I could do was “run through it.” I had mentally checked out. By the time it was over, the only positive thing I could glean from my run was that I actually started to feel good around mile 5 or 6. Unfortunately, I had no speed, and that was when the race was just about over.

My finish – 11th in my age group – was better than last year, but not what I feel I was capable of.

Great job Jeanne!  Still an admirable attempt in the midst of prepping for Hawaii!



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