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Recent Race Wrap

We’re in October (Eeek!) and SSSMST is still trying to get some digs in before the snow flies!  Here we catch up with some of our athletes as they tackled some running and, yes, still more multisport, races.

First,  Rood put his game up and beer down to run the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, running a 3:07 in rough conditions:   This marathon was HOT AND miserable.  Seriously, how was it Rood?  OK, it was all on concrete.

Next,Mike Schaefer scraped out an 8th OA/3rd Age Group at the Vermilion Harbor Tri:  It rained and I Lost 2 minutes in the run due to a side cramp. Blah. Overtrained going into this one….

Patrick Kolozvary ran half of what Rood did, but at Akron, and had twice as much to say: There were apparently 15,000 running the Akron Marathon, Half & Relay. I suspect there were just as many reasons as to why each of these people were doing the race. A year ago when we were in the hospital a few months in to my son’s treatments, Erin said she hoped to do a race a year later to bring attention to the fight Kellen was going through and some of foundations that supported us in different ways.
Erin, my father in law and I were all very grateful to just be at the starting line this year. We all agreed that any pain that cam from training and the race is minor compared to what Kellen had to go through.
It was great to be out with family, the race was tough but we had perfect weather and it is a well run event.
We wanted to say thanks to prayersfrommaria.org , ellasretreat.org , resolutionrun5k.org, and of course 2ndsole.com and spinbikeshop.com – for all the support!

Brian Kostura took in the HFP finale of the year down at Portage Lakes:

Well…Fall came here in a hurry. The air temp for this race was 45 at the start, and the water temp was 70. Given that factor, there was a little bit of fog in the morning, so the race was delayed by 30 min…but that still didn’t help visibility much once the race started.
The bike was obviously cold, but you warmed up fairly quickly with the number of quick inclines on the course. The bike had proven to be a bit more technical than I remembered in years past which added to the ‘fun’ factor.
My favorite part of this race however, was the run. Half the course was on trails, which for some reason I felt stronger at than running on the road. In years past the run was an out an back, but this was by far more exciting.
Overall, the race was well run, and a good end to the tri season for me, unless I head to Deer Creek in a couple of weeks…

Lastly, Adam and Aaron Henely sprinted through the Apple Festival 5k in Elyria (as told by Schaefer):

Get down

Get down

I’m not sure if either of these “Blues Brothers” wannabes will send you their race report, but I thought you might like these pictures for a web post.  (Please note the sunglasses even though it was very cloudy). The picture at the start line looks like they are taking disco dancing lessons and Adam is throwing in a little move of his own…. I’m not sure which one of them is John Belushi.   


Henely.  This one looks fast!

Henely. This one looks fast!

Adam doing the shuffle

Adam doing the shuffle


Henley was third overall, Adam was first in his age group and well within in the top 10.I just stopped and took

pictures briefly on my way to church but couldn’t stay for the finish.  The most notable story was that Henely family won the trophy for most family racers!  We need to get some green and blue on those girls!


Adam with some hardware!

Adam with some hardware!

Team Henely!

Team Henely!


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