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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Aaron Rood

Aaron Rood

Twitter: @aroodruns

Currently live in:  Rocky River

fitGoals for the 2014 season:  I hope to get re-energized about racing. The biggest goal for this is to race well and race often. I want my kids to have the chance to see me compete at the ʺtop of my gameʺ.

I have a fall marathon on the Calendar, I want to be in great shape at that starting line.

I do plan to regain the title ʺFastest Roodʺ.

“A” races for this year?  Air Force Marathon on 9/20/2014 is the focus.

I am really looking forward to racing:

* Blossom Time Run
* Akron Ducks 5k
* Maryland Xterra
* Bay Days.
* Vermillon Du
* Twilight Trail
* River Mile
* Royal Rumble

rood boys and ribbonsWhat is your favorite pre-race ritual? Springsteen or the Beastie Boys- LOUD!

What is your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?  I am sure it was during feats of strength at Tim Walsh’s bachelor party, but I can’t really remember…..

What is the biggest challenge you have for reaching your goals this year?  Less doughnuts and PBR.

Which is your favorite?  Swim, Bike or Run?  I love to ride.  Ride Hard, Ride to Work, Ride to Mitchell’s , Ride to Pennisula, Ride with my Kids. I just love it.  But, a long trail run on the perfect summer day is tough to beat.

What has been your biggest influence in training?  Most recently, [my wife] Jocelyn. She is unbelievably committed to eating right and training consistently. She has made running a lifestyle choice and uses it to positively impact the entire family.  Without her, I would eat more doughnuts and we all know don’t need that.

What is your favorite thing about living in NE Ohio?  5:00am ride through the Cleveland Metroparks to Pennisula followed by run in the National Park then Breakfast then a stop at the farmers market.  Speaking of, anybody wanna join me?

Favorite meal after a tough workout?  Nutrition is not my strong spot…  Lately Pringles and Chocolate Milk. Followed soon by a good greasy burger.

What is the best advice you could give to a new triathlete?  Hydrate and GO HARD!

What is the best moment of your triathlon career so far?  Jackson having a blast at his first Duathlon ( and winning his age group 🙂 ) Finishing a few races stride for stride with Rood Boys.  Walking 5 minutes into the Xterra Maryland Duathlon b/c it was too steep to run.  I have been at the finish line when Jim and Andrea Lamastra finished Ironman. Those were both special moments for me.

What is your favorite piece of equipment for training/racing? Timex watch, sunglasses and Baseball Lid.

Do you train in the morning, or at night?  I get most of my run miles at lunch. The majority of my bike miles are back and forth to work and around the cul de sac with the Rood Boys.

What is one thing you’ve done to make finding time to train easier?  Find a good training partner. And set a plan and stick too it.

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