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Anne Callahan

Anne Melanie Callahan

Hometown: Lakewood, OH

Currently living in: Bay Village

 Goals for the 2013 season:  It’s Hammy Recovery and my season is beginning late!  I plan to run without pain, ride consistently and swim to my heart’s content.  Looking to build my base and compete successfully in at least 4 sprint tri’s.

When and why did you start racing multisport?  My brother John asked me to come DT for the National City World Championships in 1996.  I had never seen a multisport event.  I was hooked when I saw the transition area and all of the action! My first tri was on Bill Dieter’s Schwinn with toe straps, I weighed alot more and I completed the Fairport Harbor Tri in 2001 I think.

What is your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?  I would like to think the very best is still ahead of me when it comes to training and racing as an adult.  Fitness really is a lifestyle and it continues to serve me well.  Consistency is always a challenge and I think that leaves room for improvement for the next 20 years.  In retrospect, Age Group Swim Team was the bomb!!  High Point Trophy moments, goal setting with my dad and living at the pool was awesome!  Returning to swim a 500 yd event as an adult was a thrill to have my brother John as my counter and opposing Shaker Shark!

What are your pre-race rituals? Just thinking about how to answer this makes my stomach hurt! I am thankful for my partner Kevin Krol who is meticulous about race prep and has taught me to take time for prep, transition and consistency.  He often thinks for me and I am grateful….xox

Who is your favorite athlete and why?  WOW! I am on a team of Humble Warriors and am lucky enough to be surrounded by a community of fantastic local talent!  My dad was an all round high school and college athlete I greatly admire.  My mom was a solid 3.0 tennis player well into her 40’s and 50’s.  I remember watching my grandmother play tennis  singles in her 60’s.  My three brothers are very talented and dedicated athletes.

What is playing on your iPod before a race?  I really do not listen to music before a race.  I am sometimes forced to listen to Krol’s metal selections.

Do you like to train with a group or solo? Why?  I prefer to train with a group though it seldom fits my schedule.  I prefer to train early morning as often as possible.

What would be or has been your ultimate achievement?  More cash reserves to work on my house, take summers off, have college paid for my daughter, increase my client base by 8%, to marry Kevin Krol before I am 50YO, complete American Zofingen longcourse, train consistently for the next 3 years and then swim and cycle for cross training forever…

What is the most challenging part of a race for you?  The run…my absolute least favorite and least favored of all.

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