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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Brian Kostura

Brian Kostura

Currently living in: North Olmsted

Goals for the 2015 season:  Figure out how to train for an Ironman while being a husband and a father.

“A” races for 2015: Ironman Louisville with PK and Christian!  “Getting the band back together for a 2009 reunion.”

What is your biggest challenge in reaching your goals this year?  Finding the time…but I seemed to have figured that out by removing sleep.

What is your favorite triathlon distance, and why?  Ironman by far! There is nothing like the energy of an Ironman event (the crowd, the athletes, the volunteers, everything)!

Which is your favorite?  Swim, bike or run?   Bike, not only because I feel it is my strongest of the three sports, but it’s the sport that really sets you up for having a good or a bad day (strictly speaking long course races). Not only do you have to be smart on how you navigate the terrain, but you also need to constantly keep focused on your nutrition intake, level of effort, and be prepared for anything (a technical challenge can arise at any time). The bike is the longest and fastest of the three sports, and so much hinges on how well you perform on the bike. That’s why I find it the most interesting and challenging of the three.

What is your favorite thing about NE Ohio?  Friends and family.

What is the best advice you can give to a new triathlete?  Find a structured training plan. I have found that when I trained using a training plan, my ʺAʺ race turned out much better than when I simply trained on feeling.

Do you train in the morning, or at night?  I’ve become a morning man.  There’s something to be said about getting in your workout before most people are even awake.


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