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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Jennifer Petkovsek

Jennifer Petkovsek

Twitter: JpTrigirl12

Living in: Avon, OH

Goals for the 2014 season:  This years goal is to not have goals other than being active and have fun. Last year was a huge season and even also the year before so it will be very different for me but think it is what I need especially mentally.

“A” Races this year: Boston Marathon

What is your biggest challenge in reaching your goals this year? In the past I have had major races on the schedule and a plan to follow. This year is the exact opposite which I am looking forward to-being able to do what I want to do rather than having to follow a plan- but it will be difficult not worrying about how much I am doing when and being competitive. I have to remember the point of all this is to have fun and enjoy life!

What is your favorite thing about living in NE Ohio?  The Cleveland Triathlon Club 🙂

Favorite meal after a tough workout? Burger, beer and ice cream!

What is the best moment of your triathlon career so far? Ironman Wisconsin last year (2013). Training all summer was great albeit tough at times but the race day was the reward. I can truly say I enjoyed the whole day. The fact so many local triathletes were also there helped add to the race too. Of course training and racing with Mark, my boyfriend and SSSMST teammate, added immensely to the Ironman experience as well.


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