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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Joe Bush

Joe Bush

Currently living in: Fairview ParkFullSizeRender

Goals for the 2015 season:  Focus on 1/2 Ironman distance, have a respectable run and be able to race in the heat.

“A” races for this year?  Raleigh 70.3 and Steelhead 70.3. I’ve done Steelhead the last 3 years and I hope to continue the improvement.

What’s your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?  Completing my first Ironman at Lake Placid.  It was a long time ago and I was new to the sport, but the training and the race was the hardest thing I’ve ever done…and the most rewarding.

FullSizeRenderWhat has been your biggest influence in training?  My biggest influence in training is usually whoever I’m training with at the time. It really helps to push when you have other people around who want to go faster than you.  Whether it’s swimming at CSU, Wednesday night rides at Spin, or running intervals with someone faster than you…it all helps you get faster.

What is the best advice you can give to a new triathlete?  You need to be consistent.  If you want to get faster and enjoy racing, consistency is the key.  You don’t need to necessarily put in extremely long hours, but train regularly and with a purpose.  It’s the only way you will reach your goal.

What’s your favorite piece of equipment for training/racing?  My BMC Time Machine is my favorite piece of equipment.  Most comfortable bike I’ve had and looks pretty cool too.  I wish I could make it go faster, but that will come with time.

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