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Katie Shaw

Katie Shaw

Twitter: @katiejo_run

557771_10152186996398084_596333648_nCurrently living in: West side of CLE

Goals for the 2014 season:  Have fun, stay healthy, stay fit and give back to the community that’s given me so much support the past few years.

“A” races for 2014? TBD Olympic or 70.3; Columbus Marathon

What is your favorite pre-race ritual?   Hugs to people that are there to support me. When things start getting tough I think about getting back to the finish to see them again. 🙂

What is your greatest accomplishment as an athlete and why? Musselman 70.3 2013. I thought the answer to this would be Ironman Wisconsin 2013, and that is definitely a close 2nd, but I had the greatest comeback in my athletic career at Musselman last year. I was in a lot of pain on the bike and thought my race was over but was able to recover on the run and finish with a 70.3 PR. I’m still proud of myself for not giving up that day and I felt like I could do anything after that race – including a 140.6 which happened about 6 weeks later. 🙂1000632_10152187001528084_636781396_n

What is your favorite triathlon distance and why?  I like the Olympic and 70.3 distances. I’m not a sprinter so I need the longer distances to settle into a rhythm. I find the training for 70.3 to be manageable without giving up a lot of free time.  

Which is your favorite: swim, bike or run?  Run.  

What is your favorite thing about living in NE Ohio?  The people.

Favorite meal after a tough workout?  PB and Banana smoothie

What is the best advice you could give to a new triathlete?  Have clearly defined plans and goals for both your training and races. Stay focused and execute them but be prepared to adapt.There are so many variables to triathlon you never know for certain what race day will bring, but if you’re well be prepared you can find a way to handle just about anything.

What is the best moment about your triathlon career so far?  Everything about Ironman Wisconsin 2013. I loved every minute of that day.

What is your favorite piece of equipment for training/racing? My BMC tri-bike!

Do you train in the morning, or at night?  I do both to accommodate my schedule, but prefer mid day to evening.

What is one thing you’ve done to make finding time for raining easier?  Fit it in whenever I can. Morning, lunch time, after work, late evening – whenever there’s a break in the day long enough to get in training I find a way.


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