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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Mark Murphy

0467_44650Mark Murphy

Twitter: @murphmantri

Currently living in:  Lakewood/Avon

Goals for the 2014 season:  To ride my bike, swim and run. To basically have fun.

“A” races for this season? Toronto Marathon

What is your favorite pre-race ritual?  Running to the start line (I am usually late).

What is your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?  Qualifying for the Boston Marathon five times (I have run it 3 times).

What is the biggest challenge to meeting your goals this year?   Overcoming burnout. After training for 3 iron distance races in the past two years and a marathon this winter I need to recharge my batteries a little with some shorter stuff.

What is your favorite triathlon distance?  Ironman distance. As my teammate, Marty Mason, says ʺyou gotta do your homeworkʺ. There is no faking an Ironman.

What is your favorite?  Swim, Bike or Run?  Right now I would say it’s a toss up between the bike and swim. There is nothing better than an early ride with teammates/friends. And there is a sense of accomplishment from the Big Swim. However, coming to multi-sport as a runner that will always be my first love.

What is your favorite thing about NE Ohio?  The Cleveland Metroparks and Lake Erie, we are so lucky to have such wonderful resources for training.

Favorite meal after a tough workout?  Coca-Cola Speedy Freeze or chocolate milk.

What is the best advice you could give to a new triathlete?  Keep at it, it can be tough to find balance and don’t be afraid to ask more experienced triathletes questions. Between SSSMST, CTC and the other NE Ohio multi-sport teams there is a wealth of knowledge out there and there are a lot of awesome people on the Cleveland tri scene.

What is the best moment of your triathlon career so far?  Ironman Wisconsin last year. There were so many Cleveland area triathletes there it was like a hometown race. Plus, some other friends and teammates came up to Ironfan. It was amazing.

What is your favorite piece of equipment for training/racing?  My black Aegis Zaero, tri bike. I had it spec’d and built up at Spin. Then I had Brian (aka Wookie) build up a sweet Enve carbon wheel set. I aspire to ride it as fast as I think it can go. I really want my teammates, Aaron Henely and or Mike Schaefer, to ride it to see how fast it will really go.

Do you train in the morning, or at night? Night, although my teammate, Rood, has won me over to the early morning weekend ride. As he says ʺit only sucks for the first few pedal strokes…ʺ And, he is right, there is nothing better than cruising down an empty street in the early morning hours with some of your best friends.

What is one thing you’ve done to make finding time for training easier?  Switching from distance based training to time based training (thanks PK). It makes planning for training much easier and the quality of training is much better in my opinion.

Other things to note about me: I am a gear head. I love to look at and read about new gear, especially bikes. I embrace my inner nerd… but my nerd may not be so inner ; ).

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