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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Sara Ziemnik

Sara Ziemnik

Hometown and currently living in: Bay Village

Goals for 2015: finish well at Huntington and Vermilion triathlons, qualify for the Boston Marathon at the Columbus Marathon this October

How I got started: got into multisport in 2001 with my first sprint triathlon that I did with a college friend because we felt lazy, and we were both hooked! Rode a borrowed bike and ran into a buoy with my head. Kept going and eventually made it all the way to Ironman Wisconsin.

Biggest accomplishment: crossing the finish line with my two kids at Rev3 Cedar Point in 2014 with a 70.3 PR!

Do you like training with groups or solo & why: I love training with others but can rarely make it work with my crazy schedule, so I’ve embraced solo training at this point in life. It’s a real treat when I get to work out with friends and I appreciate it!

What is your favorite piece of gear or product from Spin and or Second Sole Rocky River: my Brooks Adrenaline trainers that I get at Second Sole. They’ve taken me everywhere and came recommended by Bill. I won’t train in anything else!


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