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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Scott Zubricky

Scott Zubricky

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Currently living in:  North Ridgeville

Occupation: Groundskeeper

Goals for the 2013 season:  American Zofingen, Ride the Rockies, and a fast half marathon in the fall.

When and why did you start racing multisport?  Around 2005 I wanted to try a duathlon. It seemed to be a challenge. I have been doing them ever since. I don’t swim well so i;ve never tried a tri. Maybe one day, but until then I will keep enjoying the training and fun of riding my bike and running.

Do you like to train with a group or solo? Why?  I train both ways. I do a lot of  solo training when I do a longer race, I feel it helps me keep my head where it should be for the longer distances. Nothing beats training with others tho, it helps me push myself and its a lot more fun to be with your friends.

What would be or has been your ultimate achievement?  Living one day at a time!

What is the most challenging part of a race for you?  I think all races are different. I sometimes find a challenge at any part of a race, from the start, the bike, the run. Sometimes the mind can be the biggest challenge, I just try to remember I’m out there to compete and to also HAVE FUN!

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