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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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American Birkiebiener race report– a marathon on skis

Information about the SSSMST Five Seasons Indoor Cycling Series is here.

In this image from downwindsports.com, the elite men's wave starts the Birkie

Spin – Second Sole’s Mike Schaefer is a skier. I think when you’re born in Wisconsin, that’s what you do in the winter when you’re not hunting or ice fishing.

Every year for the past several, Mike has trekked back up to Hayward, Wisconsin for the American Birkiebiener, a 50k ski marathon hailing from Nordic skiing’s earliest roots.

Mike’s full report is below, but I’ll just warn you now: if you finished his report from last year (or the year before!) saying, “oh, that SUCKS,” you might just want to skip this year’s report altogether. Except that then you’d miss his offer for free drinks.

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