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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Peak Season!

Ahhh, August in NE Ohio. The temperature is high, the fitness is there, the events are many, and the racing is fast. With a full load to choose from, SSSMST picked…well…everything! We had racers present all over the area across various disciplines. Hell, Rob Reddy even tackled some crazy uphill bike race in Colorado.

Mid-week, Aaron Rood, Brandy Smith, Scott Zubricky, and Brian Stern showed up to the Twilight Trails 8k. An interesting running race format that seeds people by age, and gives the elders a head start….school yard rules! Stern also doubled up in style winning the Carnation Triathlon.

On the weekend, Patrick Kolozvary rode the MS150, raising a significant amount of money for the fight against MS (of which his father suffers). While Scott Zubricky surfaced again to race the Life Banc Gift of Life 10k in honor of his late wife Barb; a cause she was extremely passionate about. Nice one guys

Aussie Rob, Leah Halloran, and Bruce Macdonald had a crack at the Smith Dairy Milk Race in Orville where Aussie took 3rd in the CAT 2/3 race; while Leah raced to her limit, and Bruce showed that having a plan is awesome if you stick to it.

The rest of the crew descended on the oven that people occasionally call the Vermillion Tri/Du. This venue has never seen a mild day in it’s 3 year existence, but this year was easily the most brutal yet. Aaron Rood took 2nd OA in the du, Jen Petkovsek finished 5th OA in the womens oly, while Andy and the better looking half of the Krollahans (Anne) won their age groups. Kevin gutted it out and earned a respectable 14th OA.

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