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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Huntington! Speedos! And Jim’s unlikely triumph.

IMG_5261It’s the biggest little race on the calendar, and about as close to a home game as SSSMST gets. As such, you always see a lot of blue and green jerseys both on course, and volunteering. The atmosphere is fun, light, and at times scantily clad.

For the second year in a row, SSSMST took the overall win (Jim Lamastra) as well as several age-group wins (Marty Mason, Joe Bush, Jen Petkovsek).

Jim, the unlikely hero, has been recovering from a nasty bike accident a few months ago and wasn’t able to even swim properly as he toed the line on Sunday morning. It mattered not though as he side-stroked, kicked, and doggy paddled his way to T1. Once there he opened up a killer bike/run combo to dethrone defending champ (and fellow SSSMST teammate) Brian Stern (3rd OA).

Others were not as lucky with Leah Halloran and Rob Thompson flatting on course, while Andy Cornwell continued to showcase his excellent recent bike handling skills and crashed (but walked it off to finish respectably).  Still, SSSMST took 10 of the top 17 places.

Marty Mason did it old school in his speedo, along with another Spin Bike Shop sponsored triathlete AJ Baucco. It was….well….it was definitely something seeing that pair out on course. We’ll leave it up to the spectators to  decide what, exactly, it was.

Check out our Huntington Triathlon pictures on Flickr, and click through for the race reports!

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