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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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“Rob Thompson” is how you say “Really Fast” in Austrailian

This kid is on fire.

On Saturday, Rob shows up to the Nature’s Bin 5k, and takes 7th of 200. He went under 18:00 for the first time in his life, winning his age group and impressing a lot of people.

On Sunday, Rob shows up to the Leroy Township Cyclocross. This is his first cross race. Figuring the B race was a good place for a rookie, he lines up and promptly flats, which is fortunate for the rest of the field, because he then starts the A race, and takes 12th. He went five seconds per lap faster than the winner of the B race, and he did it for two more laps. Sandbagger.

Oh, and there were other people who raced this weekend too. None of them happened to have had such a great weekend, so all of our results are below the fold.
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