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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Stern Sterling in Defeat


Aaron and Jocelyn Rood finishing the Akron Marathon

Triathlon is a sport of truths. It is designed to find out what, exactly, you as an individual can do. When examining Brain Stern, Triathlon has probably found some holes in his swim/bike/run game over the years, but never in his integrity, nor in his resolve to race fast and fair.

Last weekend Brian’s great season culminated in a trip to USAT’s Halfmax National Championships. He was on pace for an AG podium, a top 10 overall finish, and bonus money from one of his sponsors. When he missed a turn, he finished his race, and immediately reported himself to the USAT official. It was decided that a 4 minute penalty would be sufficient punishment, but after examining the splits and realizing 4 minutes was not enough, Brian had himself disqualified from the event.

Congrats to Brian on a great performance, both in the race, and how he conducted himself as a whole. We’re very proud to have someone like him on SSSMST.

In other news, there was a mountain bike race last Sunday as part of the NEO Power Series. Rob Thompson had a pretty good day despite the wet and slippery conditions, finishing 6th in his Under 35 Expert class.

Scott Zubricky finished up a rough year with a sterling Akron Marathon, where he was joined by Aaron Rood.  Aaron’s marathon PR came one day after the news of his grandfather’s death, so this was an emotional and satisfying day for him.

Read through for those, along with Brian’s Nationals report. Keep an eye out in the coming days for a report from John Willse on his experience at the Leadville 100, too.

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