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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Iron Smiles

The single biggest test in the triathlon world is the Ironman distance. Once considered an impossible feat, tens of thousands have now conquered it; some faster than anyone ever thought possible. Because of this, 140.6 to some has become a rather pedestrian number, with finishing merely a formality. It can be easy to forget how difficult the distance really is.

The reality is though, it’s hard. Extremely hard. Get up to race it enough times, and eventually it’ll smack you down. Its happened to World Champions and amateurs alike. When that happens, when your body fails you, you find out just how deep you can dig. Timmy Walsh tackled two different Ironmans this year and came back with two very different results.

Read through for his race reports, and some accounts from Leah Halloran (who whooped some arse winning the cross race and taking 3rd in the mtn bike race) and Aussie Rob who raced at Manatoc.
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