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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Iron Smiles

The single biggest test in the triathlon world is the Ironman distance. Once considered an impossible feat, tens of thousands have now conquered it; some faster than anyone ever thought possible. Because of this, 140.6 to some has become a rather pedestrian number, with finishing merely a formality. It can be easy to forget how difficult the distance really is.

The reality is though, it’s hard. Extremely hard. Get up to race it enough times, and eventually it’ll smack you down. Its happened to World Champions and amateurs alike. When that happens, when your body fails you, you find out just how deep you can dig. Timmy Walsh tackled two different Ironmans this year and came back with two very different results.

Read through for his race reports, and some accounts from Leah Halloran (who whooped some arse winning the cross race and taking 3rd in the mtn bike race) and Aussie Rob who raced at Manatoc.


A few PRE-RACE thoughts:
Ironman CdA (June 27th, 2010)
-Now that I see how choppy this lake is, I totally regret skipping every one of Reddy’s swim classes this off season.
-From the car, this course really doesn’t seem that hilly.
-I’m all for saving a few bucks, but from now on I’m staying close to the race venue; staying too far away makes you lose that exciting IM vibe.
Ironman Louisville (August 29th, 2010)
-Wow, there’s a real upside to repeating the same IM race from last year:  knowing the weekend operations and course layout sure puts you at ease.
-I gotta race well this weekend, dad’s coming down and he thinks I’m a good triathlete.
-Which bedazzled item should I wear from the girlfriend during tomorrow’s race?
A few RACE thoughts:
-Swim – this swim is a ridiculous brawl, it’s like trying to make your way through traffic during a traffic jam, except everyone is rear-ending you.
-Transition – wet suit strippers make you forget that you’re a terrible swimmer… I feel like a rock star; wow, not very many bikes left on the rack.
-Bike – hills yes, but all condensed in an 8 mile section; good ride, legs showed up.
-Run – 7 miles down including the daunting hill climb, the fan support helps distract me, I really appreciate it;  22 miles down, I seem to have lost all appreciation for all things.
-Finished – hamstring compromised performance more than anything, maddening as hundreds of training hours never teased out a hamstring issue before;  but 11:40 is a pr by a few minutes, happy!
-Swim – this time trial start suites me so much better than a mass start; can’t believe participant’s families have camped out over night in swim line to save a spot; very uneventful swim, just what you want, except I’m exhausted.
-Transition – you’re dragging brother….
-Bike – hot out, so water stops go water over head, then supply the bike, finish with water over head; mile 40 and legs already starting to bail on me, seriously?; unbelievable, I’m totally drained, tired and cramping already, only mile 60; may I never have another ride like this ever again…done.
-Run – time to salvage race, run to water stops, walk ‘em while refueling and bathing in ice water, resume running;  mile 15, unable to resume running, quads cramping so bad it’s the Frankenstein walk; fwd/retro walk ensues for next  11 miles, doubting finish several times.
-Finished – leg cramps ultimately my demise but bad day beginning to end;  14 hours plus, narrowly avoided glow stick necklace for night runners; maybe no more ironmans.
A few POST-RACE thoughts
-I really liked the full two loop set up for each leg, learning curve definitely aided my performance second time around; 8 wks to IMLOU and I know that course from last year, looking like good choices.
-Overall a really nice event but not likely to return, pretty expensive and can’t drink on the street where the finishing 1/2mile/chute is located.
-My roomy and race partner Chris Harris showed more guts than me this wkend when he bailed on the final 13 miles of the run; a dad of 3 shouldn’t put himself in harms-way for a hobby, good move bro.
-Man, what a downer.
-Giant cheers to Kim and Dad being there… really may be the only two reasons I crossed that finish line.
-Believe it or not I can’t even stomach a beer tonight…ugh, who am I and what have I become?

Leah at Manatoc –

This weekend we raced at Camp Manatoc, a boyscout camp outside of Peninsula.  The camp is only open to mountain bikers one weekend a year. It is AWESOME!!!!!!!  The weekend began with a cross race.  I thought the course was well done…..there was single track through the woods, two sand pits and a power section.  I remembered once I started riding that I really love cross.  The race went something like this……had problems through the sand pits, more problems with the sand, whew finally made it through the sand, can’t pedal….back wheel is coming off, fix wheel, stuck in sand, fix wheel again, finish!
On Sunday we headed back out to Manatoc with a drugged Aussie and an ADD Nacho in tow.  I have only raced mountain bikes twice and I’ve had to borrow a bike….Thanks Ray.  I get really nervous mountain biking so I decided to hang with the leaders as long as possible.  That ended up being not very long but I managed to stay on my bike….somewhat…..and jump a few logs. I ended up getting 3rd!  A good day.  The race organizers were great and the announcer was hilarious.

Aussie –

Woke up unable to breathe properly, so before leaving for the race took an allergy pill, only to find out after taking it that it was NIGHT formula. Whoops! Got to the race and on a whim decided to try the expert race, which added an additional lap.

Mountain bike racing is hard! Willse looked good when he passed me on the 3rd lap (Leadville training paying dividends there!). Happy to finish where i did, and happy to tame the fat cobra in a mountain bike race.  Congrats to Leah on her good result, and to the Team Spin riders who made the podiums in their respective divisions.


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