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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – Winner! Winner! Beer for dinner!


If you ever go and participate (or spectate) at a local athletic event and ask around, chances are you will hear dozens of reasons why the people toeing the line choose to compete. It could be a bet between friends, a personal test scored as a pass/fail exam, or the celebration of a life changing decision to live an active lifestyle. For some though, they want to win. They want to measure themselves against their contemporaries and come out on top. Winning can be a lot of things, but often it’s one thing above all others…..fun!

Last weekend saw SSSMST participate in three separate events, and go three for three overall. On Saturday Mike Schaefer bagged his first win at the Findley Lake Triathlon; a venue he returns to year after year and has come close to winning in the past. Rob Thompson continued his focus on bike racing and managed to win the CAT 3/4 race in Zoar, Ohio. While Jim Lamastra maintained his perfect record for 2010 by winning the Greater Cleveland Triathlon.

Any weekend with this many races is a treat, and to have SSSMST on top of 3 podiums is sweet indeed! Brian Stern turned in a solid top 10 result at the GCT, while Patrick Kolozvary found himself 5 miles off course on the bike and turned the race into a solid training day.

Read on for some race reports.

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